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Mayor Morrissey.

Here is an email I sent to the Mayor of St. Mary’s Georgia in regards to the lastest incident:

Good Morning Mayor,

I have a question for you, I am just curious how bullying is ok by any means, especially when it comes to something as sensitive as “a child’s death!” & to the dead child’s mother? by anyone who holds any kind of public seat?! I have thought long and hard about this email to you, and while I’m dealing with more than just this incident, it’s a shame that no one really knows who is behind a political mask.. 

Yet to see any person in a seat who can be so vile and spew such nastiness to a mother who lost their child and then sit on a seat and face a community to be of public service.

 I don’t know what your take is on this, but as a citizen of this county for over 40 years, this man almost cost me my life..... I can tell you my suicide would have solely been placed on his shoulders and the note left would have let the world know, because after he spewed this venom at me telling me I killed my dad but most especially my child, I felt like a razor blade cutting every ounce of my flesh to the point that I couldn’t even breathe, then while he sat back in his truck in my mother’s yard and watched me in complete panic & distress he done absolutely nothing, not even calling 911 to get me help after he spewed the most vile words any mother of a dead child could ever hear that could have very well caused me to have a heart attack or stoke, my body went into shock and I was so weak and numb, yet I managed to call 911 to get help while he watched.

 I then ended up at UF HEALTH & while I know that my death would have probably brought satisfaction to him based on other information & incidents alike, I lived to tell about it!!! 

I struggle enough every day on my own since my child died prematurely from being born at 26 weeks, with pregnancy complications I was already having and getting up to take care of my “dead” dad & his funeral arrangements, who died just 2 short months prior, sleeping on a living room floor trying to tend to my mothers every need, since I am an only child and no one else was there; essentially neglecting myself and my child doing way more than I should have; had I only known then what I do today! I don’t need someone telling me I KILLED them both with a straight face and no remorse might I add.

 —furthermore, as for my dad, he died of a drug overdose so how that lays on me is beyond me as well!! This was just his way of trying to destroy me more than he already has!!!!! 

Who even does this?! It’s disgusting! I can tell you EVERY SINGLE DAY since this has been a struggle for me!! Not to mention other stuff that I’m not even including in this email, I can’t even tell you the damage this has caused.. and that is why I decided to write you.. 

I was also told “how everyone is laughing in my face” well that may be so for those that don’t know the truth, and yes, I’m sure he is “laughing” at the damage he has caused me and my family, & that is ok too, I will not be silenced by his bullying or by the public seat he holds or by who he knows... 

This is NOT OK! Under ANY circumstances!

NO ONE should have to hear these words, especially a mother who has lost their child, that is the most hardest and heartbreaking loss there is!!  

Does your child lay dead in a cold ground?? Have you buried a part of your heart?  Because if not then not even you can comprehend the pain that comes with your child dying in your arms and burying your own child.. much less having Artie Jones scream at me that I killed him! 

I live with anxiety & fear of my life every single day and so does my family... so while he sits beside you & serves the community under oath, I want you to know he’s destroyed me & family!!!! 

Furthermore letting you know this is yet another reason why so many lose faith in elected officials & politics, because I guarantee you this is not someone I would nor do I have any respect for serving in my community!! 

I will end this, I just felt like you should know because I think it’s absolutely vile, disgusting, appalling & a bullying attack from anyone much less a councilman.

— A concerned mother of a dead child who I apparently killed according to Councilman Artie Jones.

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