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Lies. Lies. Lies.

Thank God my children know how much they are loved and will never feel the gross disgusting demonic slime of the lies, manipulation & deception from the one person in the world who should love and protect them more than anyone else.. this blog should hurt but it doesn’t, it is disgusting to me.. especially since my dad suffered and died because I believed all the lies... but you know what.. that blood falls somewhere and it isn’t on my hands.... 

I am just wondering:

Funny how I’m the sick one. (Blog here!) 
Ha. I’m the sick one for sure! Because I keep bouncing that truth ball exposing it for what it is.

Y’all. I have so much to blog. This is a message I was going to send her but it’s not even worth my time. The lies pour out like the flowing well of chlorine.. never stopping....

The picture I got was just more confirmation of all the lies I was just told Friday while I sat in the hospital.. she’s never changing... not that I expect her to but oh my goodness.. denial and masks for days.

It’s been this time for me.. but she showed up at the hospital while I was there Friday and just wait for that! Seriously. It’s disturbing. I heard this saying a time or two and trust me when you hear this hospital visit you will be just as disgusted & disturbed. 

It was so bad... this happened. Revocation. Oh yes.. while I was at the hospital.. just wait. I am tired. I don’t have to fake laying in a bed with the shakes, lying. I will bring the truth. Every bit of it.  && I was put in the path of someone I needed to meet.. another daughter of a narcmom who unfortunately lived this same life and her words to me was powerful. I’ll be sharing that soon.. my new found sister, so while this event was not ideal, it allowed me a new friend who reminded me, I’m not alone & it will all come to light.. & she also reminded me that It’s not my issue.. I have a beautiful family & friends who love me.. I don’t need a womb donor who doesn’t know how to love and allows me to be hurt.

But wants me to remain silent so her lies are not unmasked. Suffer in silence!

NOOOO WAY!! Bounce that ball... and don’t suffer at all! It’s them not you! Let them play victim all they want!!! Tell your story!! You matter and their lies don’t!! Trust me they won’t care when you take your last breath, they will be the loudest, fakest cry, poor them and  be victim at your death.. trust me I know!!!!  Expose them them they don’t get the satisfaction of being victim!!!

•You are a lying snake!!! You fit in exactly where you are!! I knew you were lying to me AGAIN at the hospital, why did you even come!?? Oh I know to lie some more because you can’t stand not knowing what’s going on in our lives!!! Or what I may expose of the lies you live. You come just to put on your care face so you could play “mother of the year” and tell your cousin “oh yes I’m down here playing mother to my child at the hospital” I heard you! really came to see if I was dying yet so you could be free of me too just like dad, didn’t you??? well don’t you worry your little self about my sickness that I deserve, 🙄 or my death or my family, keep playing your sick games!!

I’ve heard this and every time I see it I cringe. Don’t let them keep you silanced! They are only trying to silence you so they can continue to be victim and hide behind their lies!! This is exactly what a narcissist wants.. you to sit down and shut up so they can keep their fake up.. suffer in silence don’t expose them.. I’m pretty sure  your actions & lies exposed you.. keep bouncing that ball I hear.. oh I will. Trust me I will. I’ll bounce every single lie out of it...

You drove down there for show!!  You will never change!! Keep bouncing your ball!!! God likes your ugly right??!! I’m sure he does in your own little world!!! Keep on lying.. people know who you are and what you're about, you’ve not fooled everyone!!!

Just like you lied about the floors, money, theft, all your stealing, food stamps, the scum who threatened and bullied us and so much more, and keep letting crap come to me!!

True narcmom (another blog post) (click here)

You are absolutely disgusting!!!

You’ve stomped your own self in the ground with your poor pity you and lies!!! Just like you watched and enabled dads drug use and overdose and the people he ran over on the interstate that suffered over your lies & the many others who have been effected.. You will pay for all your lies & evilness!!!!! But you won’t get the satisfaction of my death by suicide talk like you want!!! Go throw up more demons on the pulpit before you ever preach at me again!!! You know good and well what you’re doing!!  I hope you're happy with your self.. oh no wait.. your laying in bed sick with the shakes because you miss your family so much right like you told me tonight??? ... and you need us so much right?? And we are so much more important than him right?? You can’t stand not seeing us right?? And you are not going to the wildcat dinner because you've been in bed sick since you left the hospital and saw me because I wouldn't let you even touch me, And you want to help us with all he's done to us right?? And you will do anything for us right?? it looks like just what you are doing here!!!! And so much other crap that you said that was lies... but of course being called out you don’t know what I’m talking about I’m sure...

YOU LIED AGAIN!!!! Oh but that’s boring new.  Pictures & recordings say it all. That’s the truth.
It will all be brought to light then you can really be sick with your shakes and lay in the snake den with the liars, manipulators, deceptiive scum & demons alike...

I smelled your lies to me at the hospital just like I did the stolen chlorine.. 🤮

This story will continue and I’ll be adding to it..

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WOW. So true... unfortunately this person for me is my very own mother.. but thankfully everyday I get stronger without her! She lost the best & her only child & the best & her only grandchildren... the most precious that life could offer.. & it’s ultimately her loss.. I’ve also come to accept she’s responsible for her friend who hurt me & my family deeply too.. especially when she stood by & then sat with him in court against me.. never once caring about the damage done to me... but it has changed me forever and everyday I grow stronger, with those that love & value me & know my worth. 💙 one day she will realize what’s she’s lost.. only then it will be to late.. ✌🏼