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Family Reunion.

Today is my dads family reunion. My boys really wanted to go, but my narcmom told me she was going to take the man who has threatened us and destroyed us.. so I wasn’t welcomed, yet I found out he was not invited and my family was more than welcome, and we could come and be loved, I guess expect by one person... but whatever, anyway I gracefully excused myself, was even told no one even cared about that, that no one responded to my not being there like they did another family member because they didn’t want me there, more lies, but unlike her I can “gracefully” do things I say I’m going to do, but that doesn’t matter, after the last few days and talking to my aunt and uncle, I think this is disgusting that there is yet another situation that I’ve held it all in and covered the crap so that she can walk out there like she’s done nothing or said nothing with a family she has no use for and has talked about for I don’t even know how long, to make sure my children don’t go since she’s had nothing to do with them since before August either, sure I could go out there with my family but I will stayed away and give her her time to continue on. Besides, I have a hard time facing them with the things that has been said.. it’s embarrassing & hurtful to know they have been ran in the ground time and time again yet we smile while the knives are so deep in their backs.. I am just not going there.

I guess that’s just a cycle some are use to.. I sure do hope you enjoy the day with a family you have no use for not care anything about, so go on out there and hug them while stabbing knives in their back, you've been two faced and lied about them for almost as long as I could remember yet you always go be fake and they still love you back, and like W said yesterday you haven't even talked to her in over a year, even when they tried, you’ve made joke about it, but, maybe you can apologize to H for the lies you said about him from dads funeral too and at least take some of the knives out their back or to H for the fake you acted at J funeral that everyone recognized, because you wanted to be the center of it all, so much so that my aunt moved away from you... it is not a show to everyone!!

Even tho we are here, I was not going out there to risk my life for the threats we’ve been handed and be set up like we have many times at her house, if she did decide to bring him to MY DADS reunion, knowing good and well dad didn’t like him, so that would have been a slap in his face, but that doesn’t matter he was just a contract and his contract is over according to her so none of that even matters. I’m just wondering why the contract isn’t over with his family too?! I have my reasons, Plus,  I am to embarrassed to face all of them from things that’s been said, but she has no cooth and will walk out there like she’s done NOTHING! Not knowing people know the truth.

 Keep on playing your innocent.. I don't care if M thinks what you're doing is ok.. you've ran her in the ground too she just doesn't know it so you can play that too. Your time will come from all of this.. you can deprive my boys of their family all you want.. Its pretty much been this way for as long as I can remember on both sides, thats why your own brother/nephew doesn’t have anything to do with you either! He’s learned the truth about you and all the shade you throw! You are always out to hurt someone undercover with no dirt on your hands!

You’re going to play victim and put on a good show and that’s ok, I know that’s the only reason you’re going so you can continue to play your games.. you’ve moved on remember.. but go on out there and play the fake I’ll let you run and have your time to shine.. then you can run back to your circle and run all of them in the ground more. I know you think Uncle J is going to continue to believe the lies and leave you his inheritance too! You keep thinking that, Even Aunt S called you out in her card, yet you continue to play..... You’ve not fooled everyone!

I’ll stay away from MY DADs family so you can have your shine... My children doesn’t need to be exposed to all of your games anymore.. maybe next year more will know the truth and my children can go and enjoy my dads family who they’ve been pitted against... just like they have your family!

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