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WoW. Let’s run redlights!

The more you know. I am soooo disgusted right now!!!

Did you know if you have political friends you could run red lights (and lord knows what else!) and you can get you off? (Might I add this is the same political friend that told me I killed my dad and son, threatened my family & apparently she can use his name to run red lights too?!) (Not sure he approves her to use his name to get off of this) BUT. She feels freely to say so with laughter because you know blowing through redlights that could potentially KILL someone is a laughing matter & then the thought that she would even call on the person who has destroyed her family by his actions and her doing nothing she has said she would about it... hummmm. This whole thing makes me sick.

Well I be danged...  I do have to say I believe her friends take on it much more than this.. her track record doesn’t say much for itself. But she thinks she’s invincible and apparently she only has to use a City of St. Mary’s councilman’s name, because I guess when you have a title you’re entitled.. or think you are; to even claim you are law enforcement, when to my knowledge and confirmed by law enforcement that you are not... (read that police report) 🤮

Well all I’m going to say is this......

You go ahead and blow through that red light and kill one of my children and you better hope like hell you have more than just your “political connection” & someone believes your “By your honestly mistake” lie. Ohh you know, Because it don’t turn yellow first and your friends track record of truth trumps all your many lies, why would she lie, she wouldn’t?? Ohh. But you’re the queen of lies, deception & manipulation!! Maybe the deer at Osprey Cove that you seen at the base side tracked you so you ran the redlight?? Sick.

I’ve passed this on to a few higher up in the county, so we will see what they have to say about it... I’m curious if this is a new thing and I need to start stopping at red lights and green lights to make sure someone with “political connection” doesn’t blow through and hit me!!! So if you see me stopped at a green light just know I’m looking to see if someone is going to run the redlight, they may have a connection that if they do it will be ok.. lord knows I don’t want to be HIT!!!

Hummm I wonder if my or one of children could run a red light on accident and get away with it??! That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. but I know it’s true, I’ve seen things like this played out all my life.. ALL MY LIFE. 😑 everything has to be hushed and covered  because we have face to save.... you just don’t know the things I know that have been hidden and covered up... I guess that’s why stealing all that chlorine went untouched. What politician was used for that??? Y’all I am seriously disgusted at this crap!!!! 

You see my dad plowed over people on 95 🙄 literally and lies were told to get him off, the people didn’t even stand a chance, (more to come on that) I have the legal papers where they wanted to sue over it.. I’ll be sharing that soon..

But his drugging and driving caused a lot of heartache and well... now I hear this; that we can run redlights?!

.I’m sick to death of “her thinking she’s invincible” and him too; to threaten and bully my family yet walk around like “I can do whatever the hell I want”.

It reminds me of so many horrible things that happened and the image of my dad in bed dead from drugs because so much was lied and covered.. just like the drug deal between my dad and one of my moms friends right here in good ol st Marys at her work shop, where my son cringed and was like right there mama right there.. that’s where it happened... EVERY SINGLE TIME we went to St.Marys. — the exact place where my son was threatened and well... it was hushed. (Coming soon to a blog near you!!) I will expose it for all it’s worth!!! I’m sick of the lies and undercover crap...

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