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Ohhh the lies...

What a day it’s been. You know I can honestly not wait to expose so much more than I already have.. but to hear & read the lies, honestly I’m not surprised, I mean my dad is dead because of them, so what’s new right... y’all. It’s ok. All I can say was there has been a super long rope.. but it gets shorter and shorter and well honestly I don’t think there is much rope left... I’ll grieve the death of my mother even if she’s still breathing because honestly I’m sick of the lies, manipulation & schemings that come with it..

Fraud, lies, manipulation, more lies, death, stealing, lies, excuses .. and more lies..

I know now why dad did a lot of the things he did and why he left for days to get away from the lies and manipulation.. I can only imagine his fake ketchup blood splattered suicide ploy was because he was wondering what her reaction would be, if she even cared, that’s just speculation but when you all learn more you will understand. It’s sick and disgusting and I truly know the meaning of wolf in sheep’s clothes because that part has been about played out and if you look closely you can already see the teeth of the wolf. Sadly 2 people have already been devoured, my dad and son. Neither of who deserved it. Hearing what I did the other day makes more sense though and time will come and it will show, unfortunately dad nor SidneyBlake will ever be back but justice will be served. My family will do without and that’s ok.. dad and SidneyBlake deserves more and now I see so much truth behind the evilness. Remember that “big” Christian who yells the loudest about “god”, well as the story told, satan was that way too! Lukewarm, depart from me. Words, actions and fruit. Disgusting. You better pack them ziplock bags and go to a buffet... I’m sure jail nor hell has food like that. I am over it.. you have destroyed so much of me and you can take the rest of my money too. You only have it because the man behind it is dead. (Puke)

You just don’t know how haunted a house behind a white picket fence really is, or how scary over the ditch bridge things really get. It’s not all rainbows. Masks hide so much and lies do too.

No wonder she wanted me to kill myself.. that’s usually what happens when someone has so many hidden secrets.. I was just a pawn because she knew we struggled with money.. well guess what I might struggle, but I won’t have my friend lie and sign off for me to get fraudulent food stamps and accuse my child of taking them.. and even if I did get food stamps and my children needed food, I would do without! My children are my air and I would suffocate without them!

I’ve heard the lies and seen the manipulation all my life.. I saw it much more after my grandparents house burnt down... and the fraud that came with that.. well it’s all been covered up... and a part of me said let it rest because it honestly hurts. But so much other does too and truthfully I’m sick of carrying the lies and then hearing more about me too. I’ve been nothing but good and just like she was told on her front porch I have always tried to protect her yet secretly taking knives right in my back just like so many others..and so much other stuff that will come soon.. but the hardest one was hearing how gracefully she was going out, the broken empty promises, how my dad was going to get help & know learning so much more that I turned a blind eye to because I just wanted a mother...

Not everyone knows but I truly feel like my story will change the life of someone God didn’t bring me to this test for it not to be a testimony.. and everyday children make it without their parents I just know my dad always said I’d never have to worry about money and even when he died there would be enough for me & my children yet now all that is on the line but guess what.. my FATHERS bank has no limit.. He can do above and beyond.. and open the flood gates of blessings to exceed whatever me and my children need, so if she wants to take it away then so be it. I refuse to sit with a taped mouth in fear of losing what my dad always said I had access too and I have until this point so now evil will shine and I know it will be ripped from me and my boys for me not “sitting down and shutting up”.

2 lives have been lost prematurely and there will not be a 3rd =mine, 4th, 5th or 6th = my family!
Them body bags we were threatened with, well save them for when that rope in life you’ve been given, is no more.

Dad was right.. I’m glad you get to live your life after you sat back and did nothing but watch him overdose and kill himself.. now I know why he did.. God knows the demons he took to his grave with him that no one knows about!!

This last report was a whole new story! You will be exposed and your political platform of the “good ol boy” system.. well it’s not the same system you’ve been playing in for years.. just saying!

I am sickened by all the lies. More sick that 2 people have left this earth over the lies. You see nothing matters to her anymore, like she’s said many of times it’s time for her to “live her life” with no responsibilities, yea, we know, we see. But you could have went and lived your life with no responsibilities and dad could have went and lived his like he tried to do so many times too and he works still be here!!! Let’s talk about that. Oh we will soon.

Court is coming... political power may be a think but guess what... GOD POWER is what I rely on and I am wrapped in HIS hedge of protection, HE loved me first, HE goes before me!

Just a FYI, I do love my mom, but I will NOT let the evil one destroy my family or me any longer and if she wants to continue that life that’s on her.. I have a baby to see in heaven and hearing “DEPART FROM ME” isn’t an option! The lies and manipulation STOPS HERE. NOW.



“When you dig your own grave with lies, throw your own dirt back on top & you smother yourself, you have no one to blame when you end up in hell burning in the lake of fire!”

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