So TRUE!!! I’ve learned my only real family is my boys who live here with me.. a few extended family members & the friends who have became family. 

The past 2 years especially, I’ve learned so much about “family” especially the one who “birthed” me.. I’ve prayed for her to change but she won’t, not living in the lies anyway & honestly I’m not sugar coating it anymore, I don’t care who doesn’t like my truth! I am not here to wear a mask anymore, I’ve did that for way to long and had I took the mask off and went with my gut my dad and son could still be here!!

Honestly, my birthday was very hard this year, but I won’t even go there today... after court I will say more.. at this point, I know someday she will regret it.. she knows the truth. Over the past week especially she knows. But she knew the same truth when my dad was overdosing.. and well we all know where that ended... THE GRAVE!!!!!!!!! 

but I’m getting stronger and stronger EVERYDAY. My  therapist even told me it’s time I find and use my voice! I haven’t for so long, had I listened to my heart so many things would be different right now but I continued to believe the lies, all of them, I just get sick when I hear and see so many of the same lies and denial that I did when I watched my dad die.. his life apparently didn’t matter and I can tell that mine and my children’s doesn’t either if it means she gets “any attention” even if negative. I just hope that little money he throws her occasionally is worth it. Money is evil but what’s more evil is that dirty money means more than family and when I finish my book you will know exactly what I mean. 

I’m so glad I don’t believe the lies anymore, but the truth remains dads dead & so is my son, and well they were I guess they were just disposable in a sick mind, especially one who “likes” pictures like the one below, 
 It makes me laugh to see the “like” on this knowing my dad, my son, my husband, my children and even I have been destroyed... yet it doesn’t even seem to matter when the truth is known. Heck even some witnessed first hand... #vengeanceisHIS

I guess to everyone but me, my husband and my children .. because we lost a dad, papa, son & brother.... we can’t just go find another one.. #Karmawillcome 

You know a widow can move on and live life, but a child is forever left parentless & I’m also left childless, yet, she sits and listens to the threats and it obviously doesn’t matter or at least her actions doesn’t prove her words she tells me, unfortunately they didn’t when dad was drugging either so at this point actions are louder and  I refuse to watch one of my children end up in a body bag because of them now!! 

And while I’m here; I saw the court records; but once it happens it will be to late because I am not standing up and fighting when she’s had the truth before her and knows good and well the snake pit she’s in.. there is no going “gracefully” anymore!! 

Truth is truth.. I don’t know what court brings but I PROMISE YOU....there will be eyes opened and I will NOT let him threaten & bully me anymore.. I don’t care if he takes my dads estate & assets... he will NOT take another child from me NOR swill I go out in his “BODYBAG”!!!!

I’ll be wearing my papas mill tie tack, that him and my dad wore before the casket closed on them to court knowing him and my dad and SidneyBlake are all right beside me!! 

They have both ROLLER OVER in their grave over this!!!!