I’ll face my Goliath— court is coming!

Soon I’ll face my Goliath and I’m ready. I have heard the lies. I have PROOF against them.
Bring it. I have my sling & one stone.

You see I’m more afraid of what he will do to me and my family outside of court than I am what he will do to me inside of court. Evil is what it is.. and my mother has sat on the fence for so long she will get to choose a side without telling the police something while he’s standing there, then telling me something else. I don’t care if she goes against me, she already has and you know what, that truth will come too! I am tired of living the lies and I don’t have to anymore!

The truth is darkness always comes to light and just because the ”some” of the other stuff hasn’t yet, doesn’t mean that it won’t! You see.. I don’t have to hide anymore in fear of not having a mother love me.. that doesn’t matter to me anymore.. I’ve heard the lies, I’ve seen behind the mask and well honestly it’s her loss. One day she can sit and think about all she’s done.. the lies & so much more because I will have a clear conscience, I will have my children & no evil will ever destroy my family like she’s allowed this evil politician to do! I don’t care how much he lies, God knows.

He knows about soooo much more & you all will know about it too!

I’m suited in the FULL ARMOR of God and I will walk in with a hedge of protection, no weapons formed against me... if you would pray for my family and I, I would greatly appreciate it! My book is coming soon and I can not wait to share it! I know it will help someone else dealing with this, and that’s what it’s about for me! To help someone else not live this hell and stand up against EVIL!!

I hate so much my “birth mother” is in the pit but I can’t pull her out and I’m just not trying anymore. She wants to be down in there and  wallow in the mud then so be it. These are the same lies that killed my dad and I am just not holding on anymore. The lies are to much and my hand and heart have bled enough. I pray she figure it out before it’s to late!