No one believes you.

Been here, heard this. The lies of a narcissist. Have you heard her lies?? I’ll continue to share truths.
& honestly I don’t care who believes me. There will be a daughter just like me who will someday find me if she hasn’t already and she will read each and everyone of my posts and will be able to relate to every single one of them.. it will help her heal and find herself again. It will give her strength she didn’t know she had. It will give her courage. It will squeeze her broken heart and she will have enough left in her to find her way... I want my blog to save just one single person who is looking for a way to end it all, trying to figure out why she is not enough, why her very own mother who gave birth to her doesn’t see her worth. Just one single daughter, but I know there will be many. Until I accepted reality I had no idea how many walk in my shoes. Sadly most of it is behind closed doors because that’s how life has been.. stepping up isn’t an option and until my dads overdose.. I didn’t either. It took losing my dad and my son for me to finally say enough is enough. The abuse ends here!!