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FAQ: They know!

FB post: 1-9-2020

I’ve been kinda quiet & haven’t posted in a while; it’s been a busy few weeks & legal stuff out the wazoooooo! But this will be my FREEDOM year...

I hope if you are following me or have found my page and are struggling with your worth from having a narcissistic mother that you remember this; THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! You are NOT sick/crazy like they or their friends tell you, YES, they know they are hurting you, and you are NOT loved by them, YOU deserve so much more than their lies, abuse & manipulation & no matter what; their actions will eventually catch up to them EVEN if you never witness it!

(This would be a “friend” of my “egg donor” with her standing right there, while he verbally, emotionally & mentally abused me. He said so much more than this even; but this is in reference to the YOU ARE NOT SICK/CRAZY comment above”. — I’ve been there.)

I didn’t believe this for a long time, I mean why would you ever  “believe” the one who birthed you could hurt you so bad, or even in my case, allow others to hurt you while they stood by and did nothing. But as I have learned it was always right in front of me, I was just “brainwashed”, “manipulated”, & so was many others, who know see it too! Unfortunately narcissists don’t love you, even if they birthed you!

I also know just like #8 says; — GET OUT, WALK AWAY, LET THEM STAY IN THE PITS WITH THEIR SNAKES, (AKA- Flying Monkeys), they will eventually devour each other, or get so tangled up so bad, that they will fall, & all your words of wisdom trying to “change them” fall on deaf ears anyway... you can’t change someone who doesn’t see anything wrong with their behavior or someone who believes all their own lies!

I know it’s not something you want to hear, but it’s who they are & unfortunately I have 2 filled graves to remind me of that daily!!! I live everyday wondering who my son would be if he was still here.. I also wonder who my dad would have been without being enabled & full of drugs that ultimately caused his death. But I was robbed of both & my children were robbed of a brother & a papa... Anyway...

(Same evil piece of crap above, telling me I killed my dad & child. Funny my dad was in my “egg donors” care, she was there with him when he overdosed, her & her friend called 911 after he was dead, yet I killed him, mind you, she stood by him while he uttered these words too, & many more... & my son... well that’s all coming too!) • I’m very short detailed because of legal & court, but trust me it’s coming!!! Our little town can prepare to be shocked & jaw dropped. 😳 

— I’m always here if you need to talk! I understand first hand how hard it is, I suffer with anxiety, CPTSD & more due to the abuse, but, therapy has helped, I have many books (linked in my albums) & I have support groups & connections as well... PM me...

REMEMBER: You are worthy, & you are loved even if it doesn’t feel that way! I am learning everyday who truly loves me & you will learn too! Reach out to me! I’ll walk this journey with you! Together we can save more.. hopefully wayyyy before 40 because it took me almost 40 years to figure it all out.. & I feel like I could have saved my children a lot of healing & myself too had I of known what I know now... not to mention possibly my dad & definitely my son SidneyBlake... & my health too.....

Sending you love & light! Stay strong!

#narcissistic #TheyKnow

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