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This is just a small portion of Councilman Artie Jones Jr. and the hell he has put my family through.

I have had several ask and tho I am currently not able to share the full transcript for legal reasons I will share this part and in the near future I’ll share more; but many have asked if he really attacked my mental health in front of the judge in court, yes. Yes he did.

Apparently  I “lied” about this as well, because you know I’ve “lied” about everything in their eyes.. and I’ll also add audio in on this post soon also. But let me just clear some of the current questions with facts. Shining the light on some more of the darkness. or as my mother “thinks spinning my wheels”, she’s in denial. Whatever. That’s her choice.

 However; here is the part of the transcript where he attacks my mental health; I have documents from a licensed Dr. of my PTSD, anxiety & depression this evil snake has caused and I was instructed by several court officials & law enforcement as well on what to say, I actually read a piece of paper to make sure I approached this situation without being more triggered than I already was facing this evil person in court.

I can tell you this all has opened the eyes of a lot of people on the type of person he is. I am VERY good friends with his ex and my dad & grandparents did NOT like him for reason. BUT I refuse to let him lie his way out of the hell hes put me through no matter if my “momster” chooses to lie for him / stand by him or even sit with him in court! It’s her loss.. He is not a good person, clearly. I want to say so much here but I’ll refrain until later.

He can say all day long he hasn’t done anything and they can lie all they want.. this right here is COURT RECORDS... & the Official CAD reports from the police department  and the audio is of his Stuttering disgusting evil voice. Reminds me of the voice of satan. Every time I hear it I imagine this is exactly what satan sounds like.

Now: let me add; after he attacked me mentally; but first, who even does this?? Oh clearly Mr. Artie Jones Jr., and remember I am the sick one..(Audio below) ... my “egg donor” made her way to the table, but that’s ok too she just further confirmed who she was and let her true colors show for some who she had fooled. But she claims she didn’t see me nor look at me ha she may not have but she knew I was there, clearly heard my voice and stood against me.. sadly the conversation we had after this is truly a sad one and I can’t even elaborate on that right now but again soon & I’ll let you here her voice to form your own opinion.

As disgusting as it is she tried to justify her actions. Which is what a narcissistic person does. So while I expected it.. sadly in my opinion she will soon regret it all.. but it’s hers now. I’ve picked up the messes for far to long...

Let’s move on....

She also stated he had told her “I TOOK ”THEM“ TO COURT” she had to be there. I left her no choice. She was sad. (That’s laughable!) Among other “lies”; clearly just like the ones of her going away from him gracefully & she had to wait for him to pay her what he owed her.. umm hummm.. so since that has been the “story” here is the court order I was served. Clearly her name is not in there. Andddddd.

....... I did NOT take him to court, although we were working toward that for the Threats & Bullying, He took me to court to get a restraining order for my calling 911 on him for the threats & nervous break down he caused. Because he had to try and get a step ahead of what he was doing to me and my family and justify his actions of what his plans are.. (I will also be sharing the reports of this soon as well) but,  clearly he took me, As the petitioner. It was HER choice to be there & she tried to pull in several others who know the truth now too.

I was however in the process of a good behavior bond & other legal but I’m currently not at a place to discuss that. So I’ll refrain until a later time, BUT she did go sit with him at his table against me, because he needed her to for his anxiety that he joked to take stabs at me.. more so to make a point he has done just what he intended to do.. divide her away from her only child & family. Just watch.

There has still been questions about this and as many people who follow me (close to 5000 friends, on Facebook alone not including my blog followers. I’ll share it again.)

He did in fact did tell me I killed my dad and child. I don’t care who he has told “that would be disrespectful and he would never say that. You can hear that recording :click here along with the letter to the Mayor. Or you can listen right here:

& he has the audacity to tell me I’m sick and all my friends are laughing in my face. In this audio.
Mind you my mother is standing right there through all of this.


He also threatened my family with body bags. 
But I wasn’t suppose to call 911. & I put him in embarrassing situations. 
Humm. I wish my only complaint was embarrassment.

The 116 pages I’ll post at some point. They are my 911 calls seeking help from Mr Jones for me and my family. Also the night of my nervous breakdown where he clearly stated “he had NO IDEA” what  started all of this. More of his lies. Not to mention his 911 call was just before the cops got there... he & my mother then realized I had in fact called 911 to help myself from his attacks! I could not even breathe and feel at this point they would have both watched me lay and die right there, so only their story would be told. Of course them being the victims.. (kinda like my dads death) 

  So in posting this part of the cad, let me also add, He is NOT her neighbor, and yes, I was going way off the deep end AND having a nervous breakdown, (That was some truth from his fork tongue!!!) which I did end up at the hospital for.... after all his verbal, mental & emotional abuse, and I clearly had not attacked my mother, HE attacked me, but he wanted to try and come out on he lied..... par for him, not to mention when I asked my mother if I attacked her in court since she was at HIS table, she said no, he said yes, to try and spin it again and  then when her and I talked I asked her again to which she said no and I’ll add the audio to that soon, once again his lies. He has come to steal kill and destroy just like the devil, which he may do to her but no longer to my family!
He may use his weapon and put me in the body bags he threatened me with at some point to eliminate me but that is ok.. my truth is out there and it will not be justified! 

 He had no idea I was recording his attacks clearly. But it’s ok. It makes him feel powerful I suppose. You know. Whatever. Just more of the darkness coming to light..

&&& again.. HE TOOK ME TO COURT. Because he has a image to uphold. That pride, them plaques, them titles, and being dressed to the nine..all  still leads back to dust and stands you right before your maker and HE could care less about any of that or your boosting pride. Umm humm.

Anyway his restraining order he was seeking; turned into a mutual order where he was ordered to stay away from my family, so he clearly didn’t convince the judge of his lies, but that didn’t stop him from attending my cousins funeral, on my dads side of the family at that. Dirty. Evil. Snake. 

It’s ok. The day will come. I let it bother me for a while but.. but... God.

πŸ’‘ πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘

It may be to late for my dad but the blood of his death will not dry. 
It’s not over.

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