This. Triggers. Me. This is why I choose to speak out. This little boy died at the hands of the very one he loved more than he loved himself. This boy loved his mama no matter what pain he endured.. you know why??? Because the world paints a mama as a beautiful person who will always love you!!! His mama was his first voice, his first touch, his first everything! He grew next to her heart and she was his safe place no matter the hell she made him endure... this makes me so angry.

Here is my post on Amanda in Color on Facebook. Follow me there and go along as I share my story and color another picture, because sadly mothers are not always as the world colors them.

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Heart broken. You know what hurts most about this child.. this is the story for many.. some survive it but the mental & emotional damage is ever lasting.. & some don’t survive but they died loving their momster no matter what she put them through or allowed them to go through at the hands of their “friend/boyfriend”. I’m devastated by this.. it triggers every part of my CPTSD.. my anxiety is at an all time high right now... sure I’m not dead by them, but abuse is abuse and I feel this abuse on this child deeply, I was even threatened with bodybags by my “monsters friend”. This shows just how much abused children love their mom... I can’t tell you how often I prayed for God to take me away from the pain, it has to be easier to be gone then the words etched in. The words I hear daily that I killed my dad and child. Just living with what my mother has allowed me and my family to go through, standing by while St Mary’s Georgia councilman Artie Jones Jr. mentally and emotionally abused and bullied by him and seeing her face stand there and do nothing.. it’s disgusting.. I don’t even know how I still love her but I do, and I pray she changes even though I know she never will.. at least this baby is with a God who loves him and never has to suffer another day.. somedays I feel like death is easier than suffering at the hands of the very person who we grew inside and longed for to love us... these dead children destroy me...

Not everyone has a mom who loves them.. but this boy went to his grave still loving the very hands who took his life with her “friend/boyfriend” she choose over this sweet baby... I can relate on so many levels.

There is a special place in hell for mothers like this who do/participate/ or allow the physical, mental &/or the emotional abuse of their child. I just know it.. ughhhhh. 🔥