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**** edit! There will be more to this post! Trey just called her and recorded it on his iPod, as soon as I get it downloaded to my computer I can share it... it’s even more disgusting & disturbing!! It truly shows how sick she is... it’s actually pretty sad to be honest... but I’ll share it soon!

The more I break down our conversation the sicker to my stomach I get. I don’t even hear her voice anymore I hear lies & excuses, for her narcissistic behavior. Also, Notice how I am a “child” ha. Yes she wants me to be a child in her cage still, but I’m not &  when I meet her with my boundaries she hangs up. Typical of her.. it use to bother me but not anymore, I’ve learned her ways. I will never ever have a relationship with her.. ever.. at this point I honestly don’t care what she does, she is who she is and I don’t even know her, even a part of this conversation is me telling her she’s never kept her word, funny thing is, she’s never kept her word for anything.. period..

Also, in this conversation she also talked about bringing up the past, yet clearly it’s ok for her in parts of it to bring up how I kept my kids away from my dad while he drugged, sadly, had she not been enabling him, they could have had a relationship with him because I would have got him help. There is no getting her help.. my dad told me it was her a lot of the time but I believed her lies and now he’s gone and I know exactly what he meant.. sadly he laid in bed and died alone!!

One day she will experience that same feeling... because if I outlive her, I will not be there. And if she out lives me, she will not be near me either! She has proved who she is.. she can play victim all she wants and play such a good Christian, thank God she isn’t fooling many & she sure isn’t fooling God with her foolishness.. He knows. The Bible clearly talks about fake Christians and the fruit of them.
Clearly.. I would not want any fruit off her tree...

It’s rather disgusting to me that she claims I took my children away from her.. and she goes on to talk about all the material stuff she’s given them.. humm. Ok.. material stuff means nothing. She will tell you, you can’t take it to the grave, & I came here with nothing and I’ll leave with nothing or she watched her dad do the same.. yet she’s all about the material stuff she gives my children.. the part that gets me is my son asked for his papas tool box.. you know why?? Because that’s all the have left of him is material things.. he was taken from them by drug overdose so yup they do ask for things of him.. heaven forbid it stay there for her to give away or sell like their golf cart and lord knows what else! I will update more soon.. I just had to remind myself how sick she is and it’s a reflection of her and her trying to bait me back in like she’s the victim.. she always has been and always will be...

I call checkmate... one day she will see... but until then I’ll let her play her games.. I don’t need her.. she had me in the hamster wheel with her for far to many years.. my children don’t even know her anymore and none of us need her.. sure she’s will take what’s mine away because yet again she’s not done anything she was suppose to with that either but whatever... none of that is worth her abuse or the abuse she’s allowed us to go through nor is it worth the death threats she’s stood by...

Oh and while I’m here.. I heard there may be someone announcing “Running for Mayor”.. well in the coming days there will be more come out  & it will be all the reasons why you don’t want that candidate in any political position! I mean would you want a mayor who lies, bullies  & threatens a whole family with bodybags & there is more... and you may even see this person who calls themself my mother... standing by him.. just like she did in court!!!!! Just wait... ohhh just wait...

She asked me “why I’m so mean to her.” Ha, ok mommy dearest- I was raped, threatened, bullied, watched you steal, trespassed from base, lied to, pitted against my dad & other family &&& other things not even listed here.....  tell me what you’ve done to protect me? That is mean..

 but you’re the victim.. you’re the mom & grandma and you deserve respect—

Guess what... I deserved respect and protection too &&&& still do!!! Clearly it’s all about you.

Now ask yourself why my children want nothing to do with you... you are the sick one here..


Their mother freaked out and took them away.
Yup their mother protected them because 

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