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FB post April 3, 2020

EDIT. - videos & evidence are uploading, check back soon..

“ Checkmate. You don't ever have to worry about me again. You killed my dad and my child and told me to kill myself so had I listened to you like I did to all your other abuse, lies, manipulation & bull crap, I would be dead too! So consider me dead in your life. You want me dead and in his body bags I'll be dead to you!!! So thank God for my death too!!!!!!”

This is so spot on to having a narcissistic mother. 
My therapist is helping me find my voice again but I’ve allowed my egg donor to do some pretty horrible things to me and get away with it..hoping she would love me.. I know now she’s not capable of love..  and I cringe to think of all the things my dad told me that I told her and she made him look like the “crazy one” also. Just like the things she has said about me and also the things she’s said about “her friend” so that when that “whatever relationship ends” it will be her the victim again. What she doesn’t realize is he has his own plan & game & is an evil snake himself- I mean who does what’s he’s done!? He’s disgusting..  So she’s playing with a seasoned evil disgusting human herself, her time will come.. even if it’s not shown this side of heaven .. 
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I’m glad my egg donor, thanks God my dad is gone. She will thank Him when I am too. But unlike my dad my voice will be heard and her narcissistic victim personality will not win!

She’s hung up in my face for the last time.
She’s severed the last string for me, I call check mate to her games! I’ve learned she has to be the victim for everything, she does no wrong and can’t be held accountable for any of her actions.. typical narcissist. Just like her choking her sister.. I won’t tell all the details about that but she sure made everyone believe she was the victim in that too and if the truth be told she was in the wrong for ALL OF IT.. the whole dang thing!! But she once again lied and skimmed by.. its repeated over and over with her.. make someone else be the bad person to make her victim.. and everyone out side is fooled...

Funny how I killed my dad:  but here “He is gone Thank God!”
Dad I don’t think God you’re gone. I wish I had believed you the many nights you stayed out here or found the letter in your bible about her earlier. She fooled me too.

Mommy Dearest,

You've hung up in my face for the last time! You can play victim all day long I have the recordings... especially the most recent one of you thanking God my dad is dead, because you did watch him over dose time and time again and so NOTHING.. your sister even saved him one of them times while you did nothing, and all your other games you've played!!!! YOU killed my dad so you could stop being the care giver you've told several people you were tired of being just so you could go be someone else's who you would then let them abuse me and my family and threaten us with body bags while you just sat back again and DID NOTHING!! Even let me be mentally & emotionally abused and told I killed him and my child!!! But again none of that matters just like dad said in his letter!!!

 YOU TOOK ALL NANNY AND PAPAS MONEY AND MY DADS TOO SO YOU COULD GO LIVE THE LIVE YOUR ARE LIVING! WITHOUT DAD! & knowing your sister would suffer from your actions too, but you didn’t care, even tried to get her proven incompetent like you did my dad!! So, since you want that life, without all of us, Go live it well!!!! I don't need your abuse anymore.. you never protected me, you allowed me to be abused over and over and even told 2 grown women to beat me and put me in the ditch, and you can't bribe and manipulate me with the money no more either even tho it’s mine you’ve used it as your crutch and I know if I don’t obey you and sit down and shut up that you will take it!!!! Well whatever. I'll do without!!! I know the only reason you’ve not taken it is because you still think you have me in your narcissistic cage.. but you do not! You know NOTHING about our lives... & I’ll make sure to keep it that way!!

It’s going to be a sad day for you, really soon, reality will slap you & you will cry victim only no one who matters will hear..  Your sister don't even have anything from you trying to prove her incompetence and take it all!! It makes me sick to see her living condition knowing what I know!!! How you sleep at night is beyond me... well actually I do know.. just listen to some of the recordings.. Xanax does wonders I suppose... like it did for the “soup kitchen” in my dads stomach at his DEATH!!!

Take me to court... you already went and sat with my abuser so maybe he can go sit with you now too! I don’t care and I can let the court rule over it!! You KNOW you're dirty and you're mistaken to think I will sit down and shut up like you begged me to do! Want to hear that recording of bribery too?!! I sat down and shut up to enough of your lies, theft and games!!! People are about to learn who you really are... You've held what dad said was mine and the boys over my head for far to long knowing we have NOTHNG because you had to have control.. just like dad said in his letter.... && Just like you did nanny and papa against Jamie and Zell!! Take this and print it and bring it to court!!!

I don’t hate you but I refuse to be victim to your abuse any longer.. I can’t even stomach the thought that all dad said you did to him was truth but I believed your bull crap lies and just knowing he begged to die to get away disgusts me.. oh how I know so well the beg of death to be free from you.

Heck you probably even told him to kill himself like you did me and made him want to do it.. is that why he laid with ketchup on the wall???? Like he really did it for you to find him??? Artie Jones can tell me I’m sick all he wants.... maybe he needs to look deeper behind your crap brown eyes clearly he hasn’t seen all the crap yet...& he’s definitely a disgusting human himself but  god only knows what you’ve told him about us... I know the crap you’ve said about him, and what a horrible person he is, how he cusses you, and you need to go gracefully, that’s part of your cover up so when he’s done you can be victim again there too?? Just like with dad and many others..... yet you deny it... and fail lie detectors too!!!! Go on with your bull crap! I hate so much others still believe your lies but the devil is good in disguise too.. wolves wear sheep’s clothing daily and devour others.. you’ve devoured many but you will not devour me anymore...

Artie Jones Jr. telling me how sick I am. While she stood there and supported it.
Clearly I’m the sick one here.. now listen to what my dad says about her: & I’ll upload his letter soon too.. it really destroys my heart that she fooled me...... 

<Insert dads record here>

Take my bank account I don’t care!! You’ve lied about it too and given every reason to not fix it like it was suppose to be... I know it’s because you use it as leverage— I’m sick of you!!!! There I said it!! You killed my dad my son and you are working on my death too, but you won’t be victim at mine I promise you!! I’m taking it all back from you!!! I’m sick of the lies and hurt crippling me.. My family has watched you steal so much buffet food and change enough tags that we don’t even want to go to buffets or clothing stores anymore!!! You RUINED us with your crap and you still walk like you’ve done nothing... you’re FAKE!!!! I am in freaking therapy because of your abuse!!!!

This is just some of her lies & abuse: dad told me stories; I didn’t always believe him: I do now!
Just like the stories others have told.. I knew they were facts but she denied them and she’s good at being a lying narcissistic hypocrite..

But then here she lies and denies it all:

Here I made it all up. Just like the rest of it.

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 Y’all. I’ve been working on a few posts, just haven’t finished them yet, but this. FAKE! Look. Who does she think she’s fooling with family? & honestly most friends too..  lol...... I got this with a text (that I won’t share) and I couldn’t do anything but laugh. Like the text says.. WHAT FAMILY???  Her nephew/Brother & his family doesn’t have anything to do with her, Her only child and her family has nothing to do with her, her husband overdosed and after listening to some of his messages and reading letters he left I assume his overdose (or was it???) (more on that coming soon!) but if it was truly an overdose like was said, I believe it was to get away from her as well which he said he wanted to many times & I have proof... & she’s made me want to kill myself to get away from her too.. Her parents are dead, her sister knows her evil ways and loves her but I am not even going there right now, her friends, that is a joke. Yes she has some but wait until


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FB Post 6/22/2020

WOW. So true... unfortunately this person for me is my very own mother.. but thankfully everyday I get stronger without her! She lost the best & her only child & the best & her only grandchildren... the most precious that life could offer.. & it’s ultimately her loss.. I’ve also come to accept she’s responsible for her friend who hurt me & my family deeply too.. especially when she stood by & then sat with him in court against me.. never once caring about the damage done to me... but it has changed me forever and everyday I grow stronger, with those that love & value me & know my worth. 💙 one day she will realize what’s she’s lost.. only then it will be to late.. ✌🏼