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She did it again... (LOL)

I’ll be adding more to this post:

Facebook post: April 27, 2020

Mommy Dearest...

Since you've lied AGAIN (& I’m not surprised) -- I am making the choice to have NOTHING else to do with you.. you will never change, although I knew that I for some reason was curious & you’ve killed me again.. “narcissistic mothers kill curious daughters” yet, I never let you back in from all the other times, especially over the last couple of years... I have been at this place for a couple of years with you, yet you try and cycle me back when you need me as a supply, I get you need to keep me close so when your world fall apart you can use me to put it all back together like you have all my life. But guess what.. I won’t be there!

It makes me want to puke how you can play all sides of the fence and scream like you're the victim.. you've taken the life of others to be the evil you are. I have been working on my self and you’ve not got your evil daggers in me the last couple of times you’ve tried. I don't care if you let whoever read this.. Or who you tell, your  lies the last couple of weeks will once again show who you are. Stay with him until he's done with you, I could care less, you will not weasel back into my family.. You’ve caused enough damage and ran and laughed about it for the last time, you are a narcissist who I am choosing to keep out of my life from here on out! Mother or not, YOU are not the definition of a mother and your I love you’s are as fake as the flowers at my dads grave.

The ones you've pulled the wool over will soon see who you are too. Most have already, funny how they have all left and don’t even come around. & You've even lied to more than just me the last week & they already know too. People are wising up to your non sense. I will not compete against that evil scum for you to come and go whenever you please in our lives or whenever he cusses you or whatever your place your disgusting relationship with him is at.. so you feel you need to keep us as supplies,  just stay in that snake den with him.. may the best snake win.

I'll continue to heal my self with counseling and thank God my counselor sees it for what it is and guides me to sever all ties from you and your evilness!! You see the funny thing is you keep throwing honor your mother, well for one it also says “mothers don’t provoke your children” and it also says “leave your mother and cleave unto your spouse” so I don’t have to stay in the hamster wheel with you especially with your lies, manipulation & abuse!  Funny how you told me I was the evil one.. but, clearly, you spoke of just who you are.. and guess what.. I don't have to accept you or have you in my life, children live without their parents everyday and I can live without you!! I sure don’t want to live in your lies or abuse anymore! You’ve allowed him to abuse and hurt us too and you could care less.

Not everyone knows the hell and abuse you've put me through but it's ok. You’ve kept me in your narcissistic cage long enough, I’ve been freeing myself & sure I’ve let you run your lies again but I never let your lies suck me back into your trap. I'll let you play victim as much as you want.. go tell whoever you want that you want your daughter.. that's just more of your lies.. you don’t want your daughter, you want the ideal of a supply you’ve always had with me. You could care less if I was dead in the body bags he threatened me with. It would just give you more victim sympathy that you had a dead daughter.

I saw whose side you were on in court.. I have heard your evil schemes.. I heard your lies on the body cam of the cops and read your lies in the police reports.. stay there. & stay there too because when it’s said and done all yours & mr Artie Jones Jr, evil will be as bright as the sun and you both can stand and face God for all the nasty, evil and disgusting lies and behavior you’ve both inflicted...

Oh and it’s not forgive & forget it’s forgive and —— walk away!! All of your words fall flat! I’ll continue to walk away from you... and walk towards the ones who see & know my worth...

Rest In Peace Dad & SidneyBlake- justice will come.


I am so amazed by how freely she lets lies roll off her tongue. I have recorded our conversations still to show how sick she can be.. y’all she tells me she loves me with no reservations.. I literally feel like puking to hear her say it. But lies  so freely from her I love you is just a word she’s learned to mask over the abuse and Thankkkkk God, Ive learned real love & what them words mean, at no thanks to her.. she’s only taught me lies, stealing, fraud, pain, hurt, manipulation, and who I do not want to be, unfortunately she sucked me in for far to many years but that’s ok.

I asked for certain things and God has provided ways.. so she can go live her life without my “harassment & abuse” as she likes to claim... that’s just more of her lies in her evil games. I have lived without her for the last 4 solid years.. but the truth me told like my counselor said, I’ve lived without her my whole life.. I’ve only been a supply to her, she’s never been a mother, a mother doesn’t do what she’s done. & a grandmother sure doesn’t, but in her eyes she’s “done nothing”.

Thankfully I’ve learned through therapy, I can not miss the idea of having her as a mom, because I don’t know what having her as a mom is like. I mean a mom sits with your abuser!? Allows death threats to her children? Tells her child to commit suicide? Wants to send the cops to get said child when she does go to commit suicide to be free of the abuse said mom has inflicted?  Yea no, I can’t even imagine ever being “that mom” to my children..

Thank God for my Mama Edwina who has stepped up and been a real mom.. thankfully she also saw past the lies & learned it for what it was worth. Her I love yous are real. & they mean something..

So that being said, God has sent some amazing people to walk with me and clearing my head of al the abuse hasn’t been easy but I can tell you I’m a lot better than I was.. and one day when she’s laying alone she can reflect on her evil ways, although a narcissist doesn’t, she will just have a pity party that she doesn’t understand why no one is there, pouring on the pity her see how neglected she really is, party, like she doesn’t understand, she doesn’t deserve it.. LOL!!!!!!!!! A narcissist mind is sick, but I’ll let her have that party and I’ll let everyone and anyone believe her lies.. I am checking out & I no longer care what any of her flying monkeys think... she can have Artie Jones the rest of her days they are so similar in who they are, that’s how they cycle so much & I want no part of it..

I have so much more to say and I’ll be adding voice memos in here.. but I want each of you reading this to know I survived her.. and I did listen to some of her lies this past week.. I’ve since blocked her number from calling me and I’ll give her just what him & her wants: (well depending on who she’s talking to) (and he threatened me with body bags so I know he wants me dead) but I’ll give her my absence for the rest of hers or my life...

Don’t believe her lies of abandonment. Don’t listen to her fake cries of missing us. She never wanted us, especially when I learned her ways.. & I have nothing she wants like nanny & papa & dad so of course I mean nothing to her... sorry I don’t have a house in osprey or drive fancy cars.. I don’t need or want that life.. I just want a life with my husband and children & those that really truly love and care about us.... clearly a life you’re not capable of giving...

........ if only I had found dads letter before he died.

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