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Post: 6/24/2020

To all my sisters who struggle with narcissistic abusive mothers.. this. So much this. This has been by far the hardest thing for me to understand.. seeing her stand by while I’ve been abused is the same as her abusing me. I can now close my eyes and hear her tell me “I killed my dad and son” because she stood in acceptance of it while he spewed it. And her telling me how evil I am then gaslighting me that she never said that to make me feel like I was the crazy one. Thankfully it’s all recorded and I know 100000% it was not me. It’s her. No matter how she spins it, I’ve been victim to her lies, manipulation & abuse. I don’t care what she says about me anymore. She will never change and I’m not waiting for her to any longer. She may not ever regret it this side of heaven but she will some day. It saddens me that she’s so sick she’s ok with what she’s done.. && allowed to be done..
Ultimately...  it’s her loss! She lost an amazing daughter, grandchildren & a son in law.
She will never be able to replace us... 

I won’t beg for anyone to be apart of mine and my children’s lives nor will my children or I be threatened with bodybags while she stands there & does nothing! ✌🏼

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 Y’all. I’ve been working on a few posts, just haven’t finished them yet, but this. FAKE! Look. Who does she think she’s fooling with family? & honestly most friends too..  lol...... I got this with a text (that I won’t share) and I couldn’t do anything but laugh. Like the text says.. WHAT FAMILY???  Her nephew/Brother & his family doesn’t have anything to do with her, Her only child and her family has nothing to do with her, her husband overdosed and after listening to some of his messages and reading letters he left I assume his overdose (or was it???) (more on that coming soon!) but if it was truly an overdose like was said, I believe it was to get away from her as well which he said he wanted to many times & I have proof... & she’s made me want to kill myself to get away from her too.. Her parents are dead, her sister knows her evil ways and loves her but I am not even going there right now, her friends, that is a joke. Yes she has some but wait until


  “Some of the letter my dad wrote before his death.. sadly he died not being good enough.. but she blames me & allows me to be told I killed him and my child- “ Artie Jones Jr. ”  ——- Well it’s that time of year again where I should have 3 children not just two: and my dad should be here to enjoy it with his family also but nope he’s dead from the soup kitchen of drugs inside him that my “incubator” said she was monitoring.. yes she monitored them alright.. right to the grave.. where my son also lays beside him 2 short months later.. but it’s not any care of hers she’s moved on with her life, so now hopefully she will get a Christmas gift she wants because clearly my dad never could do anything right or get her the Christmas gift she wanted.. as he wrote in his letter before he went to the grave!!! It is so disgusting to me how sick she is and just knowing she can look at herself in the mirror or even sleep at night; even with medicine my heart wouldn’t let me rest ::: but I guess

FB Post 6/22/2020

WOW. So true... unfortunately this person for me is my very own mother.. but thankfully everyday I get stronger without her! She lost the best & her only child & the best & her only grandchildren... the most precious that life could offer.. & it’s ultimately her loss.. I’ve also come to accept she’s responsible for her friend who hurt me & my family deeply too.. especially when she stood by & then sat with him in court against me.. never once caring about the damage done to me... but it has changed me forever and everyday I grow stronger, with those that love & value me & know my worth. 💙 one day she will realize what’s she’s lost.. only then it will be to late.. ✌🏼