Facebook: 7/8/20

This stabbed me square in the heart. I couldn’t figure out how even though my “incubator” being a narcissist, she could sit across the courtroom from me and act as if I didn’t exist, and not only did I not exist, she sat there with my abuser.... out of all of this hell I’ve been through, that was one of the hardest days.. along with him telling me I killed my dad and child.

Now reading this,  I get it! Him and her are in a pack. She identifies with him. Abusers side with abusers. As you read my story and it all unfolds it’s definitely clear to me who she is..

I mean who tries to get their son in law fired on their job when he’s the sole provider for their daughter & grandchildren & be ok with it???

You see so much I’ve just sat back, and now hearing how much “she loves me” makes me gag. I’m waiting for her to take more away from me but I know it’s coming so I’m ready.. once she realizes she doesn’t have me in her spell anymore she will set out to hurt me more, only thing is, she can’t do much more damage than what she’s already done......

....... my dad and son already lay in a cold dark grave......

She’s pretty on the eyes but soon more people will see beauty is skin deep with her and her cuts are deadly.... if she will roll on her own daughter, her only own flesh and blood, trust me when I tell you she will roll on you too!

You can heed the warning or not- I have lived in hell and I refuse to be silent no matter how “victim” she tries to play or how many “she loves us” lies I hear.. I’ve heard her lies long enough.. & she picked poison over us...

Narcissistic people stick together and will destroy anyone in their path including their own children..