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FB post 7/10/2020

&& they get away with it because people who know the truth are scared they will hurt their feelings!!
Who cares!! Do you think she cares about YOUR FEELINGS!!! How could she when she doesn’t even care about her own child’s!!! Well live in denial and blinded by her lies of you want! I am not staying in her sit down and shut up cup anymore! I am not waiting while she “gets away from him gracefully” or “give her time to get away” “She’s working on it” anymore! I’m done with her Narcissist control, abuse, lies, fake pleas so she can continue to do what fits her no matter who it hurts.. I don’t care what politicians she’s rubbing hips with... bring it! She’s good at what she does and she can make a blind man buy glasses convincing him he can see with them.. the convince him to wear them a few days before they work!! Then it’s to late he’s sucked in.. I know the schemes. 
I know the fake man voice & fake tears. I know it all.. &&& 
 All to well... 


I’m probably going to step on some toes right here but you know what.... I’ve earned the right to say how I feel! YOU HAVE NOT been in my shoes! I have covered and taken crap for far to long at the expense of my health, my sons life & my children being hurt.. If you can not stand up to my “incubator” for whar she’s done, her lies & what she’s allowed that evil St Marys City Councilman to do to HER family because you’re afraid of “hurting her feelings” then don’t you shed a freaking tear when I’m dead because you didn’t care about me! I don’t care about HER FEELINGS! I care about the body bag threat & abuse me and my family have suffered! WRONG IS WRONG! So go ahead and pet her and believe her lies if you want to but YOU all have heard and read the truth and you can obtain the police reports, I have the court docs you can see & the voice recordings have been shared too!! So keep worrying about her feelings because I will call it all out as I see it and I don’t need any family who isn’t able to stand up to her lies and bull crap!! You know my dad died of an over dose from her lies because everyone was to afraid she might get hurt if someone called her out... so when her DAUGHTER IS DEAD TO MAYBE YOU WILL CALL HER OUT FINALLY!! Stop SUGER COATING THEIR EVIL!! Do you think she cares about YOUR FEELINGS??? HECK NO!! And if the tables were turned she would absolutely not hold the same  loyalty to you!! Are you SERIOUS?!! She doesn’t even care about her OWN FLESH AND BLOOD THE DAUGHTER SHE BIRTHED!!!!! What makes you think you are special to her?? Her words??? Guess what!! She told me them same words as she stabbed my heart out and watched my have a NERVOUS BREAK DOWN AND BE LOADED IN AN AMBULANCE IN HER FRONT YARD!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!! I may lose some people over this but it is what it is!!! I’m tired of hearing, poor her!! Yea poor her alright!! She stood by while I’ve been abused and done absolutely NOTHING!!! I’m over it. Somedays I would rather be dead than walk this earth with her!!! & while I’m here, she’s just as guilty as my abuser for not doing anything about it and standing up for them, anyone who can condone the abuse and not speak up for it, is just as guilty as the abuser!!! 💥

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My daddy loved me.

  Life wasn’t always easy with dad, especially when he was so drugged up you couldn’t stand to be around him, he was either hateful & vile or so depressed he talked about wanting to die to be free of it all.. at the times he talked about wanting to die I had no idea how he could even say that when he had me & 2 beautiful grandchildren to live for, even a 3rd on the way & his last day before he died it laid in bed with a dry mouth and spoke death to be free… he even wrote a letter that he was never enough.. nothing he did or gave was enough.. I can’t even tell you the times he talked about suicide or went on drives not to even be found to be free from her mouth… accusing him of women after women… the hell, the arguments, the fights… the accusations… the drama, the lies… ughh…  Broken iPads, a woman beat in Walmart, my baby shower ruined, my husbands job ruined, my sons 4th of July baby race ruined.:. So much shit & here she sits… like she’s the victim who lost her husban

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(Recordings coming soon!!!) I am READY. I’ll be the “crazy one”… my body heart & health is exhausted carrying the abuse, hurt and trauma I’ve been living with.. hiding… covering up to “not hurt my mother” because she always made me cover up and lie about it!!!! Ughhh  It’s been a hell of a few days. Some big things are coming I have listened to more recordings than I even care to hear and completely disgusted that I even thought my mother would ever change.. hearing the hell I’ve been put through and reliving the horror of abuse plus reading my notes to piece it all for my book & the media including the sexual acts just to feed myself or meet at a hotel room and pretty much sell myself to have a bed to sleep in or as I lived in a friends empty apartment after she moved out, yet she kept it for me to live there because I was struggling.. I am just so upset that I ever hid the abuse thinking one day my “mother”? No my incubator / because a mother doesnt do this crap to their chil

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  & my son also. Thanks MOTHER. Yup I sure have. I seen him there (overdosed or drugged?) I have yet to figure out which yet because the person who birthed me “controlled his medicine” & her lies are thick. I am not sure she knows what truth is for anything. If it comes out her mouth it’s a lie, sadly she puts on such a show that she has some believe what comes out, but for the most part she is just tolerated and people “laugh in her face” “even her friends” hummm that is a statement I was told funny how them words were more fitting for her and the piece of shits mouth they came from.. in the near future you will see a picture of my dad in the last state I saw him in. It is disgusting. I’ve not had the strength to put it out yet because it’s horrible & so many will be shocked. Also recordings from my own dad & many others will also shock you.. but to me it’s a final piece  of where it’s all about to go & hopefully justice is served.. it’s hard knowing what is coming