“I make all this up”

*** This is not super recent! This was one of my last straws with her tho and as I prepare my stuff I wanted to share this!! So I have NOT had recent contact with her for the record! 

Famous words of a Narcissist. I didn’t say that. That didn’t happen. You make all this up. It’s all your fault. You deserve it.....

I am so SICK of these words!!!

You hear her tell me I am full of the devil and all because of my evilness: but then a few days later I make all this up, I am tormenting my family,  and it’s me and my little shenanigans to make me the crazy one like always. All in the name of her “god”. Take what you want from it. This is why she sits back and allows my family to be threatened with body bags and does nothing and allows him to tell me I killed my dad and son and does nothing.. this is why my dad and son are dead because I always made it up & it was always my crazy shenanigans & of course she never did or said anything!

She didn’t know I had my phone on because her lies are way to much and I am sick of her trying to twist it that she never said it: just listen I think it speaks for itself.. and you think she doesn’t do it to others you’re wrong.. there is more where this came from and they are not all about me!! Umm humm. This is the devil using someone but it sure isn’t me he’s using!!