Flying monkey!

I’m learning to forgive myself for loving my incubator. Unfortunately she had a lifetime to program me, manipulate me & robot me to see past all her evil.

 A little girl should have a mom as their best friend: 
I got a monster & 2 graves instead.. 
(Oh but I killed the 2 in them graves, my dad and my son, according to her evil (insert your own words for
him here). He’s not human to speak to a mother who buried her child the way he did me. 

 FB post:

This. I have been pulling away and building walls to get away from them.. I can not even believe the abuse some know about and turn a blind eye too.. there is a special place in hell for all of them.. I’ll continue to protect myself & my family from “her and her monkeys”.. I just hate that it took me this long to get out of her spell and manipulation and the death of my dad and son.. && she still has the audacity to tell me she loves me the very minimal contact I’ve had with her 🤮 yea she loves me alright... she loved my dad too right to the grave..... #enablingsnake #Abuse #narcissist #flyingmonkey

— I know I’ve been MIA: I’ve been pretty sick.. thank goodness I have and amazing support system beside me helping me.. I told someone the other day when they asked if my “incubator” had helped me any, (laughing), I wouldn’t want her to help even if I had no one else, she would finish me off and send me to the grave with dad and SidneyBlake or let that snake she hangs with put me in the body bag he threatened me and my family with & then she would be fake tears crying poor her like she did at dads & Aunt Judys funeral.. I gag at the thought of her and what’s she’s got away with.. I’ll fight for justice until my last breath from them two I don’t care what connection to politics they have.. they may not get theirs this side of heaven but I can promise you their judgment will come and the blood on their hands are permanently stained!!! I have so much more to share.. and will soon... but for now; God forbid something should happen to me::: DO NOT PITY DEBBIE SHEDD!! She is by far what a mother is... and does not deserve an ounce of a sympathy for my death.. especially after what she’s allowed to happen to me, my dad & my children (all 3 of them) & still sat by the abuser & the been ok, defended, lied and covered abuse we’ve endured!!! She is NOT welcome near me nor my family or allowed at any of our funerals!!!!! She’s evil, sick & disgusting... everyday I cringe that I didn’t see her for who she was before now.. as she plays her pity woe is her and she loves and misses her family— bull crap!!! She would rather us all in the ground and sadly she’s got us almost there!!! 

Her fake will catch her and I hope I live to see it!!