6 years of hell… Dad.


Facebook post 6/2/2021

6 years of hell…

No one hears the silent (-br-en-) when I tell them I’m OK.  #brOKen .. I hope my (egg donor) Debbie Shedd and her (whatever he is) evil POC (Councilman Artie Jones) are happy with their evilness.. They have destroyed me.. his evil words  (“you killed your dad and your child”) are to much for my head.. & No matter what I do nor any amount of  therapy I’ve had doesn’t make them fade.. 

I just can’t do it anymore.. & he thinks he can just walk up in my dads house like he is welcome or belongs there!!! Stomping all over my dad!! Soooo disgusting!! It shows what type of people they both are.. My dad has rolled over in his grave!!!!! 

The noose is so tight I can hardly breath.. I seriously fight to breathe.. 

Yesterday I tried to keep my mind busy.. it’s been 6 years.. that my dad was found dead in bed alone.. so full of drugs he was labels a “soup kitchen of medicine” my life hasn’t been the same since… I have literally laid in the bed struggling to breathe and honestly wishing I wasn’t here either!!!! 😭 

I’m also coming up on the death anniversary of my son too and it’s all been to much for me… I am not sure how much more I have… 🥺 

When I tell you I’m ok.. I’m lying to you… I am brOKen.

- June First Twenty Fifteen • Forever rocked my whole world.

& all the days to follow have been pure HELL… so much in fact dying and living in hell….. (since that’s where she says I’m going because I’m full of the devil) (the recording of this is on my blog also; I’ll link it here soon; just don’t have the energy today) …..seems better than living on earth with her & the piece of shit Artie Jones, & having to live without my dad & son! 💔