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Post 7/23/2021

This was a post she liked that someone sent me since she’s blocked me on Facebook.. but clearly him & her both are extremely weak individuals & I hope her taking all my money dad left me & my children that we’ve been living off of for YEARSSSSSSS makes her feel powerful! I’ll do without until my last breath so that my children are taken care of.. I just hope she looks down and watch’s the blood drip off her hands everyday for the rest of her life!!!

Facebook post today.. as I process and regroup… at this point all my medical will be halted & I hope she sleeps good at night with all the evil and havoc she’s caused, wrecked & watched be done…… #NarcMother my love never mattered & neither will my words but she will not play victim for losing her only child, at my death.. screw that!!! #FakeasDentures 


 She just thought she knew it all. As usual.

She took all my money well pretty much.. 500.00 goes into my acct for me to survive; barely even covering insurance, electric & phone which includes hers.. nothing left for groceries or medical.. I have records & have lived off of that money every month for the past few years showing my medical & groceries which she just snatched suddenly without warning or notice (just as sudden as my dads death!) and now I can’t even pay my drs or medical to continue to get treatment.. 

I received this denial email from Mayo and below it is the text I sent her..(which she won’t respond or even care I’m sure) & I sure hope she’s happy with herself..  which I am sure she is: her end goal is to see me carried out in a body bag just like my dad was… (that she already let me be threatened with). then she will be free and can “poor her” she lost her husband and only child.. thing is the truth says otherwise & she could care less if I was alive; she would much rather I be dead.. I mean she doesn’t want to hear from or love me anyway..

& then she can just tell everyone we are all dead. There is no bringing any of us back and she will be free of us all.

Then someone can tell her she killed her husband, grandson & only child.. just like she let this evil piece of shit tell me… & hopefully it won’t be his body bag he threatened me with that I went out in tho… 

Letter from Mayo:


Hello Amanda;

 Thank you for choosing Mayo Clinic for your healthcare needs. We appreciate the opportunity to provide your healthcare needs and hope you are satisfied with the care you have received.

 Your physician's request for an appointment at Mayo Clinic has been referred to Pre-Appointment Review.  

 There is a past due balance on your account.  Please contact us to arrange for payment in full.  No new specialty appointments will be approved until the balance is paid in full.   


My text to her. (Not that she cares because she doesn’t. She loves seeing us hurt at her hands.. just look at what she’s put us through & watched us go through at hers and the evil piece of shits hands.. spawn of satan.. 

Thank you for taking my money away.  But it's ok. You wanted me dead in that body bag you stood by while we were threatened with & out of your life anyway.. 

I've been without my medication & now without my drs too. So you are getting just what you want.. 

there isn't even enough money for me to pay my bills, the car taxes or buy groceries.. but.. you just keep living comfortable.. I know you both are loving hurting my family.. it's been proven over & over.. especially with the death of my dad and child! 

And since you said they won't deny me here you go.... you don't know as much as you think you do!! 

Enjoy all your upgrades & my money while I can't even get medical care I need... my dad died to your hands and I guess I'll be next.. 


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