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Great read! Unloved Daughters.

She has shown how cold she can be & I’ve used my heart so much all I have is the shattered pieces left….

Great read (click the link here)

So I’ve noticed I have several unpublished blogs I am just going to post them with edits to be made later. But this needed to be published now. Some of my “sisters” need this as much as I did. Validation is key when you’re living a life of a narcissistic mother especially when your dad & child are dead as a result.. 

Sure, dad had a hand in his abuse but his sole caregiver didn’t get the help he needed and enabled him.. which led to a early death and unfortunately justice will probably never be served for that.. then falls the death of my son because I just wanted to be loved & be enough for her & sleeping on her living room floor while I was suppose to be in a bed with my feet propped up.. you see tho.. Sidney Blake didn’t & doesn’t mean anything to her.. it wasn’t her loss… I mean let’s be real… she still has 2 grandchildren (her only grandchildren) here breathing & hasn’t spoken to or seen them in years; & sadly enough allowed them to be threatened with Artie Jones weapon & also body bags… yet she did absolutely nothing to protect them either. So why would she have done anything to protect Sidney Blake.. had he survived she would not be a part of his life either so his death doesn’t effect her one bit. Disgusting huh. 

Letting go and moving past it all is hard work; the intense therapy & medication alone has been hard but what’s even harder for me is my children not having grandparents to love them & wondering why they were not enough, although years later they don’t seem to be as bogged down with it as they once where, it’s still gross to me how any grandmother could be ok with her blood being threatened with body bags & told they killed their dad & child, & choose that evil over their own child & grandchildren.. I long for the day she regrets that decision.. she’s lost a lot of time & memories with two amazing boys who she will never ever have the chance to know or be apart of their weddings nor ever have the privilege of meeting what would be her great grandchildren.. & I just couldn’t even imagine not being a part of these two wonderful boys lives, Thank God I don’t have to… because I’ll choose them first always & no one in my circle or life will ever harm them, threaten them or bully them & be apart of my life… I don’t need people like that in my life.. I need my blood. My boys. My heart… before anyone else.. -including my own mother.. who has allowed us to be abused & sat with our abuser in court & still continues to lie & justify some of her actions, especially when certain people are around… 

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Overdose Awareness: Dad.

I will be adding to this post & will remove this when I’m finished, so if you see this FYI know this blog post isn’t finished. Dad. I have no words. I could say a million things, yet, I hear the echoes of how your body was a “soup kitchen of drugs”, the lies of regimens, “I’m controlling his medication & blah blah blah, the lies. & all the times I tried to save you, but my voice, cries for help & pleas didn’t matter. Now that you’re gone life goes on for some, but for others like me & the boys, you can’t just be replaced, it doesn’t matter that drugs took you away from your only daughter & grandchildren.. I can’t just go find another dad. Although the more I learn the more I understand why death seemed easier than life. (SemiColon) Justice will come.. I don’t care what anyone says, I didn’t like who you were when you were drugged up, but you were always my daddy, you were there when the drugs didn’t keep you away and you sure as heck would not stand


 Y’all. I’ve been working on a few posts, just haven’t finished them yet, but this. FAKE! Look. Who does she think she’s fooling with family? & honestly most friends too..  lol...... I got this with a text (that I won’t share) and I couldn’t do anything but laugh. Like the text says.. WHAT FAMILY???  Her nephew/Brother & his family doesn’t have anything to do with her, Her only child and her family has nothing to do with her, her husband overdosed and after listening to some of his messages and reading letters he left I assume his overdose (or was it???) (more on that coming soon!) but if it was truly an overdose like was said, I believe it was to get away from her as well which he said he wanted to many times & I have proof... & she’s made me want to kill myself to get away from her too.. Her parents are dead, her sister knows her evil ways and loves her but I am not even going there right now, her friends, that is a joke. Yes she has some but wait until


  “Some of the letter my dad wrote before his death.. sadly he died not being good enough.. but she blames me & allows me to be told I killed him and my child- “ Artie Jones Jr. ”  ——- Well it’s that time of year again where I should have 3 children not just two: and my dad should be here to enjoy it with his family also but nope he’s dead from the soup kitchen of drugs inside him that my “incubator” said she was monitoring.. yes she monitored them alright.. right to the grave.. where my son also lays beside him 2 short months later.. but it’s not any care of hers she’s moved on with her life, so now hopefully she will get a Christmas gift she wants because clearly my dad never could do anything right or get her the Christmas gift she wanted.. as he wrote in his letter before he went to the grave!!! It is so disgusting to me how sick she is and just knowing she can look at herself in the mirror or even sleep at night; even with medicine my heart wouldn’t let me rest ::: but I guess