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Laughable… 🤣

Who even does this?? Shares someone’s profile picture that they are NOT in & it doesn’t have anything to do with them? Is this for attention? or a trophy move? or just to be a disgusting human to take stabs at her family who he’s already destroyed? ORRR maybe all of the above? After all he threatened her family with body bags so maybe he is making some type of point with flaunting her??? Bless his heart.

(This one on dads birthday!)

 I can not even with this. Listen I don’t have to write a full post about this… it speaks volumes and says so much of the type of person he is.. & well she allows this.. even tho she says she doesn’t…but.. this is laughable to me; who shares someone’s profile picture? Not only that but remember she was also made as his profile picture on my dads birthday… “the dad I killed remember?”  Yet she is so blind to his agendas & motives..

While I know this is just one of his many stabs at me, This is just laughable because if he only heard her take on it all..& the things she’s said & there will be audio coming soon (wink!) I am pretty sure they both need a new set of lens to look through.. they each hold a knife behind their back & at this point I’m uncertain as to who will prevail…  

Because truthfully bloody hands doesn’t even cover the situation anymore.. more like a lagoon of blood..

But seriously I mean as if you didn’t already know how disgusting of a person he is from this (YouTube link) & the other things he’s done.. he has to try and “prove a point” sharing her personal profile photos?? Yet she will not say anything.. is it because she’s still trying to go out gracefully like she said or will he cuss her out like she said or does she just like the attention? Who even knows… or cares…at this point.. this is just who he is… & these childish moves he makes just shows what type of person he really is.. because you know he has more to gain than lose keeping her family away & he’s has already destroyed her family…so what more does he want? 

Also, Remember him attacking me in the court room using her as his weapon? Well he’s still at it clearly as you see above.. & she plays in the same deck of cards… but they will soon fold…

His mental abuse & attack in court… 

I have my opinion of that but you know 💁🏻‍♀️ Who am I? Just the girl who killed her dad & child & knows nothing.. & well she wants to act blind 

“You killed your dad & you killed your child”

(More Videos on you tube; more coming & NO I will not remove them to make anyone comfortable) screw that.

A desperate need of attention says it all.. 

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