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I can’t. EVEN.

  Fb post: 1/5/2022 I can’t even make this up. So I sent “mommy dearest” a message because she was going to put money back into my acct… well this was her response : Quit talking about me?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! My response:  I'm sorry what? You want me to sit with tape over my mouth like I have my whole life? Ummmm. No thank you... them days are over.  But... since you asked.. let me ask some things...  can you please bring my dad & child back? Oh your response to this was… ( they are dead. Goodbye Amanda. ) + mother can you please sit with me in court, against my abuser, Who attacked me in your front yard, instead of at the table with him while he mentally & emotionally attacked me more in the court room with you sitting there? While you stared YOUR ONLY CHILD with glazed eyes? + Can you be a good loving protective mother? instead of asking me to be silent..& put duct tape over my mouth? why don’t you own what you’ve done & get help & be a better person.. ??? Take