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Another failed attempt.


Another failed attempt by my “incubator” to defend his abuse.

When does it end? At my death perhaps? Just like my dads death? It’s a good thing I’ve not sat silenced like I’ve been begged to do while she goes out gracefully.. I’ve sat silently at her demand before and it cost me my dad & child & ultimately my health & pending death because my body is broken over the pain, hurt & abuse.. I’ve been poisoned by her & him BOTH.. but to hear her even remotely try to justify his sickening behavior & throw God in there is just disgusting. 

My assumption is she will soon block me again but for now.. here is more of her failed attempts.. to gaslight me with her narcissistic behavior that I’m the one who is wrong here. 

-yes “mommy dearest” we know…  you just walked up there to support all the evil he’s done to me & the boys, & the judge didn’t say can her husband sit with her.. I was INSTRUCTED to ask because of the ABUSE I HAD ALREADY ENDURED.. he asked because of my FIRM instructions to have someone near me because of the ABUSE… yet you missed all of that too right???? This was clearly another attack & what did you do.. ohhh yea you just walked up to sit with him AGAINST YOUR OWN CHILD… but you want to call yourself a mother and act as if you don’t know why the boys and I are not in your life??? 

I love your denial & blindness.. 

denial = death. Daddy & Sidney Blake I am so sorry!!!!! 

She fooled me too…. For far to long…..

Extremely weak individuals they are clearly. & it’s good to see she agrees! 

Here are the transcripts from court where Artie Jones 

was seeking a restraining order from me, AFTER, 

everything he’s put me & my family through. 

Thankfully the Court protected me & gave me a 

restraining order against him.. but even the courtroom

didn’t stop his verbal, mental & emotional abuse!

Per the request of my Dr, Law Officials, 

my attorney, even court officials I was told to ask the

Court to grant my husband to sit with me incase I 

had a nervous breakdown because of the sensitivity 

& hell Artie Jones already caused! He decided he would 

Once again.. use his disgusting mouth to take me down.

This is my mothers poor attempt to defend his actions

Once again… how sick is this? She missed the whole point. & “yes of her mother can sit with me? For what reason? Oh because of his anxiety? No he just wanted to be a bully, and try to flex some abuse on me to break me because he is a sick weak individual and clearly you are to not to stand up to his abuse against your family… ohh but you did say you’d sling him under a bus and tell him to apologize 🤮

What a great mother you are Deb Shedd.

It’s so disgusting to me to hear her try to justify his behavior yet in the same breath tell me he “owes” me a apology.  For one… she justified dads actions right until his death. For two. EVEN if he tried to apologize his apologies would be as fake as he is and I’d rather eat dog crap than hear anymore of his lies or words out of his mouth. He has said enough and did enough damage! There is more where this came from but this one gets me… he CLEARLY attacked me in court yet she is BLIND… & she ran to his side??? 🤮🤮🤮🤮 I don’t understand how she lives in her make believe world but I guess it’s got her this far so why do the right thing and be a good person at this point?? Oh and later in this conversation it was all about the Bible, the 10 commandments & Heaven & oh I just want to puke…… I will never understand how someone can be so vile yet preach in the same conversation… you really do know a tree by the fruit & all that rotten fruit will be absorbed into the ground someday.. thankfully I don’t eat off of that tree & as sick as I am with my health death will come before I ever drink from that pitcher!! Just listening to this conversation makes me super sad for her.. what a miserable life it must be to defend such evil doings and pretend God is in favor of them…. This is why people turn away from God.. a dead husband, a dead grandson, a estranged daughter, 2 estranged living grandsons & so much more… yet.. lets try to defend this snake who has MURDERED her family… the blood pours off their hands.. 🩸 thanks “mommy dearest” for the constant reminder… yet you love me???! 

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