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I’m disrespectful 🤣 LOL!!!

I have lived that lying, manipulative, abusive, fraudulent life style long enough and it cost me my dad and my son.. and a world of hurt and peeling away layers of yuck.. not to meantion therapy bills and so much more I’ve yet to uncover.. I pulled that mask off years ago.. best thing ever.. maybe others should pull theirs off too.. it such a healing & freeing feeling not having to decide what mask to where or what personality you have to use... ———— Y’all. I wish I could post this whole conversation and I will in time.. She didn’t even acknowledge her grandsons birthday yesterday, another blog on that too, but she, hasn’t in a couple of years, nor her other grandson either and hasn’t been to mine in a couple of years either... I bet you can guess why?!? And she blames me... scapegoat child here who gets the blame for EVERYTHING.. including killing my dad and son... Can I add she’s not seen them in MONTHS?!!? Ohh wait.. have you heard the rest of my blogs???? Hahah

Lies. Lies. Lies.

Thank God my children know how much they are loved and will never feel the gross disgusting demonic slime of the lies, manipulation & deception from the one person in the world who should love and protect them more than anyone else.. this blog should hurt but it doesn’t, it is disgusting to me.. especially since my dad suffered and died because I believed all the lies... but you know what.. that blood falls somewhere and it isn’t on my hands....  ——— I am just wondering: Funny how I’m the sick one. ( Blog here !)  Ha. I’m the sick one for sure! Because I keep bouncing that truth ball exposing it for what it is. Y’all. I have so much to blog. This is a message I was going to send her but it’s not even worth my time. The lies pour out like the flowing well of chlorine.. never stopping.... The picture I got was just more confirmation of all the lies I was just told Friday while I sat in the hospital.. she’s never changing... not that I expect her to but oh my

Rotten fruit.

Yes. Toooooo good not to share. I have literally fallen away from church because of how it’s been crammed down my throat by wicked people in a negative way... I’ve just started getting involved again and I’m not going to lie it’s hard... I don’t care how loud you blast your tv preacher, say amen, fake your prayers or fake speaking in tongues.. or put on the “god” story.. I see a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a hypocrite, a liar, manipulator & so much more... judging everyone & have seen & heard it all my life. It makes me cringe!!! I know the lies that’s been told, I’ve been a part of them because I had no choice! I wore that mask so I didn’t have my head chopped off in tribulation like I was told I would for being disobedient and not sticking to what I was told to do or say.. 🤮 people don’t know my story but I know the fruit of that tree.. #RottenFruit now I’m trying to find my way again and it’s hard.... Ughhhh. — when I was a very young girl I was made to watch a tribu