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The bus.

This makes me laugh 🀣🀣🀣 🚌 πŸ’¨ Thanks for standing up for us!! You go..  Wooo hoooo! Such big words of protection! πŸ‘πŸ» Not sure if he will help you with the redlight anymore tho πŸ™„ So sure “mother” lets go to dinner, talk about family stuff and go hang out together. Be that family you tell me about.... πŸ˜‘ Just wait for it.... πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️ I’ll share more soon.. but right now.. You know.... I’m wondering if there are flowers or thorns on the fence πŸ€”

Can you guess.

2 different messages from 2 different family members. One I adore. The other, ha.. I wouldn’t even know her on the streets, nor would my children. Funny thing is.. she’s not even been apart of our lives.. & she thinks her words or lies bother me??  Ha! Nope, nope & nope.  Can you guess which one I talk to and knows me the most?  Can you guess the one who my children know?  The one whose phone number I have or who has mine?  The one who truly loves me, like family? && Yep. The bottom one. And now I know why she’s not been apart of my life, but after spending a couple days with my mom, the first in God only knows how many years I mean my children are 19 & 20 and don’t even know her.. & she wasn’t around when dad died either. But she knows so much 🀣🀣🀣 “Hope my husband and boys love me” yep they sure do.. over {TWENTY} years with the same husband and raised both of my children -ON MY OWN!  So let me just tell you.. while I’m her

Family Reunion.

Today is my dads family reunion. My boys really wanted to go, but my narcmom told me she was going to take the man who has threatened us and destroyed us.. so I wasn’t welcomed, yet I found out he was not invited and my family was more than welcome, and we could come and be loved, I guess expect by one person... but whatever, anyway I gracefully excused myself, was even told no one even cared about that, that no one responded to my not being there like they did another family member because they didn’t want me there, more lies, but unlike her I can “gracefully” do things I say I’m going to do, but that doesn’t matter, after the last few days and talking to my aunt and uncle, I think this is disgusting that there is yet another situation that I’ve held it all in and covered the crap so that she can walk out there like she’s done nothing or said nothing with a family she has no use for and has talked about for I don’t even know how long, to make sure my children don’t go since she’s h


I caved for a couple of days. More on that soon... You know it’s hard being sick and “your womb donor“ genuinely acting like she cares for the first time in oh years? And you think she finally gets the truth she’s been dealt..(Guess I was like the Sr.Spot and it was just to get information on my moves, to take back, I wasn’t that stupid tho!) my next move won’t slide as easy as that pool stick.)  And I can tell you, a narcissist has a way to play that game they are good at.. Especially over the last 2, I’ve seen it a lot, Since that POS came around strong...after his divorce with a beautiful sweet friend of mine whom I love and so thankful she is in my life, it has definitely brought light to a lot, but it got way worse after he come along with the threats, bullying and all, it just shows how bad he’s out to destroy her family and she allows it, because any attention she gets, she will take, then again she allowed a lot over the years..... even allowed my dad to lay in his bed de


This is sooo funny to me. I get so many pictures and messages, because people find it funny how fake knowing good and well what I’ve been through and going through and I have to laugh.. y’all. She goes around liking stuff like this and is obviously oblivious to her actions and the actions of her friends that she’s apparently ok with, that they destroyed her family,  her only “blood family” “her ONLY CHILD” “her grandchildren” I mean seriously. Who does she think she’s kidding with her fake??? Face palm. 🀦🏻‍♀️ literally.. rock bottom isn’t to far away, it can’t be, but my goodness.. I guess this is just as fake as the check cashed years ago that was as fake as fake could get but you know.. sob story, lies, deception, some “fake man talk” and well the bank that went under. Jesus come. I guess her and her friend are pretty WEAK individuals & by her liking it she understands the meaning to the hurt, damage, bullying & threats made to HER ONLY LIVING FAMILY. πŸ™„ That we

WoW. Let’s run redlights!

The more you know. I am soooo disgusted right now!!! Did you know if you have political friends you could run red lights (and lord knows what else!) and you can get you off? (Might I add this is the same political friend that told me I killed my dad and son, threatened my family & apparently she can use his name to run red lights too?!) (Not sure he approves her to use his name to get off of this) BUT. She feels freely to say so with laughter because you know blowing through redlights that could potentially KILL someone is a laughing matter & then the thought that she would even call on the person who has destroyed her family by his actions and her doing nothing she has said she would about it... hummmm. This whole thing makes me sick. Well I be danged...  I do have to say I believe her friends take on it much more than this.. her track record doesn’t say much for itself. But she thinks she’s invincible and apparently she only has to use a City of St. Mary’s counc