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My Story.

YESSSS‼️ My comeback has not been easy & to be honest, it’s been VERY uncomfortable & unclear at times, but, the potter is molding me, stretching me & healing me. EVERYDAY! “I am the clay, you are the potter; I am the work of your hands.” Isaiah 64:8 🙌🏼 I never imagined I’d be here, but, He knew & promised to take care of me. “When my mother forsake me, the Lord will take care of me.” Psalm 27:10 🙌🏼  I trust Him. Even when it’s hard. Court was huge for me.. in a lot of ways & it’s been VERY eye opening, but, I know who was on my side, even when my own mother forsake & lied to me. But it’s ok, I forgive her. Not for her, not because she’s asked, but for ME. FYI: My family did NOT abandoned her. Her choices set our boundaries!  Just please pray for her! 🙏🏼 I know things that many do not, but they will all be part of my story and my healing & I don’t know why God allowed me to see & experience these things but I know He has a purpose & I

Sister, Be kind!

For my sisters with Narcissistic mothers. You are not alone!! #DONTSITDOWNANDSHUTUP Be kind to yourself!!!! #NarcAbuse I am finding strength in myself I didn’t know existed & learning to live with PTSD, Anxiety & Depression from the abuse, in itself is a whole new world.. Thankfully God, my husband, my children, my counselor, my aunt, some amazing family & friends surround me, helping me with the damage my “Narc Mommy Dearest” & “her monkeys” has caused. “I often say I don’t understand how a mother can’t love her child, can stand by silently while her child is abused & then just last week watching my own mother sit in court BESIDE someone who abused me, -her very own daughter & family-, not to mention her ONLY child.... then I am often reminded, I can’t understand because I don’t live in her sick world” and for that I THANK GOD! I would NEVER hurt or betray my children, it takes a very sick mother to do that.. I’m just glad her lies showed throu

Narcissistic mommy dearest.

This is sooooo true..   9 thinks people doing realize. I will continue to speak out, no matter what, someone else here may need my story no matter how uncomfortable it is for some, and honestly like my counselor said, it’s uncomfortable to them because they don’t have to live it just like child death makes some uncomfortable because unless you’ve lived that, well you don’t understand that pain either! But, I don’t have a mom who is my best friend and I have no siblings to deal with this abuse and hell I’ve lived in and to process it with... my support system, just like my “childloss family”, my “daughters of NarcMoms” sisters are right here too! THIS is my family, so while you call your mom to process life, I don’t have that option... Ugh. This link makes my stomach hurt but it’s so true. I’m writing a blog about my last two weeks (I let her do it AGAIN) I feel so screwed up when I want to accept she will be a better person finally and I even sent messages to some that she