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**** edit! There will be more to this post! Trey just called her and recorded it on his iPod, as soon as I get it downloaded to my computer I can share it... it’s even more disgusting & disturbing!! It truly shows how sick she is... it’s actually pretty sad to be honest... but I’ll share it soon! ——- The more I break down our conversation the sicker to my stomach I get. I don’t even hear her voice anymore I hear lies & excuses, for her narcissistic behavior. Also, Notice how I am a “child” ha. Yes she wants me to be a child in her cage still, but I’m not &  when I meet her with my boundaries she hangs up. Typical of her.. it use to bother me but not anymore, I’ve learned her ways. I will never ever have a relationship with her.. ever.. at this point I honestly don’t care what she does, she is who she is and I don’t even know her, even a part of this conversation is me telling her she’s never kept her word, funny thing is, she’s never kept her word for anything.. peri

Facebook post 3/24/2020

Tonight I could use some prayers. As you’ve mostly watched, I have been doing really well.. so much so that I was finally able to breathe again & my family has been super blessed. We as a family have been taking a different path of healing to overcome the trials we have faced.. I’ve been focused on my family, loving them & those that love me, but, typical narcissistic mother fashion, she felt like she was losing control & losing me as a supply so she tried to hoover me back.. thankfully I have learned her games and lies and I am no longer the “rabbit trying to save the lion” from the cage, knowing she will just devour me again.. So I kept my guard up. I knew she was up to something, now, I’ve since learned life wasn’t grand for her in her make believe world. Unfortunately as children of narcissistic mothers, they have abused and manipulated us to believe we have to be that supply and validate them no matter what.. She poured it on thick. As temporary as I kn