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She did it again... (LOL)

I’ll be adding more to this post: Facebook post: April 27, 2020 Mommy Dearest... Since you've lied AGAIN (& I’m not surprised) -- I am making the choice to have NOTHING else to do with you.. you will never change, although I knew that I for some reason was curious & you’ve killed me again.. “narcissistic mothers kill curious daughters” yet, I never let you back in from all the other times, especially over the last couple of years... I have been at this place for a couple of years with you, yet you try and cycle me back when you need me as a supply, I get you need to keep me close so when your world fall apart you can use me to put it all back together like you have all my life. But guess what.. I won’t be there! It makes me want to puke how you can play all sides of the fence and scream like you're the victim.. you've taken the life of others to be the evil you are. I have been working on my self and you’ve not got your evil daggers in me the last

FB post April 3, 2020

EDIT. - videos & evidence are uploading, check back soon.. “ Checkmate. You don't ever have to worry about me again. You killed my dad and my child and told me to kill myself so had I listened to you like I did to all your other abuse, lies, manipulation & bull crap, I would be dead too! So consider me dead in your life. You want me dead and in his body bags I'll be dead to you!!! So thank God for my death too!!!!!!” This is so spot on to having a narcissistic mother.  My therapist is helping me find my voice again but I’ve allowed my egg donor to do some pretty horrible things to me and get away with it..hoping she would love me.. I know now she’s not capable of love..  and I cringe to think of all the things my dad told me that I told her and she made him look like the “crazy one” also. Just like the things she has said about me and also the things she’s said about “her friend” so that when that “whatever relationship ends” it will be her the victim ag