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“I make all this up”

*** This is not super recent! This was one of my last straws with her tho and as I prepare my stuff I wanted to share this!! So I have NOT had recent contact with her for the record!  Famous words of a Narcissist. I didn’t say that. That didn’t happen. You make all this up. It’s all your fault. You deserve it..... I am so SICK of these words!!! You hear her tell me I am full of the devil and all because of my evilness: but then a few days later I make all this up, I am tormenting my family,  and it’s me and my little shenanigans to make me the crazy one like always. All in the name of her “god”. Take what you want from it. This is why she sits back and allows my family to be threatened with body bags and does nothing and allows him to tell me I killed my dad and son and does nothing.. this is why my dad and son are dead because I always made it up & it was always my crazy shenanigans & of course she never did or said anything! She didn’t know I had my phone on b

FB post 7/10/2020

&& they get away with it because people who know the truth are scared they will hurt their feelings!! Who cares!! Do you think she cares about YOUR FEELINGS!!! How could she when she doesn’t even care about her own child’s!!! Well live in denial and blinded by her lies of you want! I am not staying in her sit down and shut up cup anymore! I am not waiting while she “gets away from him gracefully” or “give her time to get away” “She’s working on it” anymore! I’m done with her Narcissist control, abuse, lies, fake pleas so she can continue to do what fits her no matter who it hurts.. I don’t care what politicians she’s rubbing hips with... bring it! She’s good at what she does and she can make a blind man buy glasses convincing him he can see with them.. the convince him to wear them a few days before they work!! Then it’s to late he’s sucked in.. I know the schemes.  I know the fake man voice & fake tears. I know it all.. &&&   All to well...  ———-

Facebook: 7/8/20

This stabbed me square in the heart. I couldn’t figure out how even though my “incubator” being a narcissist, she could sit across the courtroom from me and act as if I didn’t exist, and not only did I not exist, she sat there with my abuser.... out of all of this hell I’ve been through, that was one of the hardest days.. along with him telling me I killed my dad and child. Now reading this,  I get it! Him and her are in a pack. She identifies with him. Abusers side with abusers. As you read my story and it all unfolds it’s definitely clear to me who she is.. I mean who tries to get their son in law fired on their job when he’s the sole provider for their daughter & grandchildren & be ok with it??? You see so much I’ve just sat back, and now hearing how much “she loves me” makes me gag. I’m waiting for her to take more away from me but I know it’s coming so I’m ready.. once she realizes she doesn’t have me in her spell anymore she will set out to hurt me more, only th


“CHECK MATE” “LONG & OVERDUE!!” I have blocked more numbers & people than I care to admit! Look, my health is not good! & the stress doesn’t help me! I am trying to heal the best I can & I am in NO CONTACT with my “birth mother”, & sick of her pretending to care about me & my family! If she asks about me to you like she cares why don’t you read my blog and see the hell shes put us through and allowed us to go through; besides; if she really cared why would she be asking anyone about me, instead of asking herself!?! Simply put because she doesn’t! She just wants to pretend so she doesn’t look like the evil she’s made herself to be! STOP BEING THE GO BETWEEN! I would NOT be chasing my children’s friends to find out how they are; I would be dealing directly with my children!! She has caused this and she wants to play the poor her victim!! STOP! That is why I’ve not said anything about me or my family! I know exactly what’s she’s up to and I’m not playi