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  Fb  post: 2/16/2021 This right here is why I’ve walked away from so many “friends” & even some family. What she has done & allowed to be done, to me & my children is absolutely disgusting.. and anyone who doesn’t stand up to her is toxic to me and my family! She thinks she can do no wrong & its poor her “boo hoo” she’s lost her family... wrong!!! She abused and watched her family be abused, sat with our abuser in court, lied to HIM & to US.... & so much more, not to mention she watched her husband DIE a slow death AND DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to save him!!! I will not be silent nor do I need anyone to stand beside me that will not stand up to her and tell her she’s wrong!! Don’t PITY HER!!! It’s exactly what she wants!!!! She can spin her lies and the bull crap as many ways as she wants... go visit the cemetery and see my dad and sons grave..  I promise you there is a lot YOU don’t know!!! Continue to support her and believe her crap and you will continue to won