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Well she struck again..

  She literally ripped the food off our table & the ability to pay our bills.. but she has to live with that! && honestly ..this doesn’t surprise me. I may live without, But, I’ll figure it out.. Just like I always have picking up the shattered pieces she’s left me to pick up just like my dad & sons death .. but I still have my family, unlike her which is worth way more than money.. It’s just another one of her plots and there have been many but unlike my daddy I still have a heartbeat & I’m not laying in a casket, in a cold dark grave or in the body bag she let us be threatened with!!!  This is my final message to her.. I hope she someday snaps out of her evil ways and truly finds the (God) she claims to have on her side as she does all her evil.. I cringe at the very thought of her judgment... & sure hope she’s not already at a reprobate mind state because her evil doings sure lead me to believe that she is!!  I could never imagine living in her shoes!! I woul