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  AmandaInColor YouTube ( ) Y’all. I am finally making all the long awaited videos PUBLIC. As my heart & health has suffered I will be sharing more evil twisted trauma and abuse I’ve endured & reminding each and everyone of you: at my death DO NOT BELIEVE HER TEARS or sadness of losing her only child & her only daughter. She has truly shown over the years exactly who she is & it’s quite disgusting to me.. I couldn’t ever imagine putting my children through the hell, lies, abuse, manipulation & stress she has caused me and my family.. & even the death of my dad.. & son… but still claims to be so holy & has God on her side.. I am so thankful so many others are finally seeing behind her painted white fence.. sometimes I wondered how the devil fooled so many.. then I listen to her and I don’t wonder anymore.. && she still has the audacity to tell me she loves me!! I throw up in my mouth when I hear

Dear Estranged Parents

Dear Estranged Parents. (Mommy Dearest!) We need to talk — just not with you. Your estrangement from your adult kid is definitely your fault, and things can’t possibly improve until you take full responsibility and face some hard truths. Hard Truth: Children have no control over how they’re raised. There are echo chambers all over the internet ready to tell unique stories about addicted or mentally unhealthy kids, but that’s not really what’s going on with your kid, is it? There’s also the classic set of excuses that “it wasn’t really that bad” or “we were just strict,” shifting blame to the child for their own upbringing. That’s insane. It can be easy to convince a little kid (and yourself) that it’s their fault the relationship is a mess. What’s changed is their ability as adults to realize parents control the upbringing. Hard Truth: Your adult children have emotionally supportive relationships with others. You’re the odd one out. Your adult children are definitely interacting and ha

6 years of hell… Dad.

  Facebook post 6/2/2021 6 years of hell… No one hears the silent (-br-en-) when I tell them I’m OK.  #brOKen .. I hope my (egg donor) Debbie Shedd and her (whatever he is) evil POC (Councilman Artie Jones) are happy with their evilness.. They have destroyed me.. his evil words  (“you killed your dad and your child”) are to much for my head.. & No matter what I do nor any amount of  therapy I’ve had doesn’t make them fade..  I just can’t do it anymore.. & he thinks he can just walk up in my dads house like he is welcome or belongs there!!! Stomping all over my dad!! Soooo disgusting!! It shows what type of people they both are.. My dad has rolled over in his grave!!!!!  The noose is so tight I can hardly breath.. I seriously fight to breathe..  Yesterday I tried to keep my mind busy.. it’s been 6 years.. that my dad was found dead in bed alone.. so full of drugs he was labels a “soup kitchen of medicine” my life hasn’t been the same since… I have literally laid in the bed stru