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How freaking fitting is this! This is my “incubator” to a T! She has sit and watched me cry and I even had a nervous break down in her yard & was loaded on a ambulance, ended up in the hospital & she DROVE OFF AND LEFT ME!!  After he told me I killed my dad and child & a bunch of other vile he spewed. Not to mention the body bag threats and other stuff.. She even sat with my abuser in court & listened to him attack my mental state to the judge and ran to sit at the table with him.. Still turning it all around to try and make it my fault.. Her even smearing in my face they are dead.  Yes my dad and child are dead..  I know already. Trust me oh how well do I know.. they are dead. Their lives cut short.. by the LIES… ๐Ÿ˜‘ Monsters. Ohhh and here is “POT CALLING KETTLE” && she was going to sling his ass under the bus for all he’s done.. ๐ŸšŒ “mother of the year” protect her child & grandchildren LOL… just wait for the body cam footage & the recordings that count

Be careful with your words..

    First off I want to say to the Jones Family: my sincere condolences to all except one of you! (All to exclude this one Jones member! Pot calling kettle!) The very one speaking in this audio, who can speak words such as these after the shit he’s dumped from his mouth.  I know what it’s like to lose a dad.. & my children their granddad.. so we know how incredibly hard this loss is.. for that I’m so sorry.. I’m equally sorry this evil family member has caused more pain and grief for my family & continues to wreck havoc on us that could essentially effect any of y’all who are trying to break generation curses caused by his words or actions & pray it’s not at the loss of any children or grandchildren.. I can tell you first hand looking in the casket of your child and being told you killed them - can’t even be described. I don’t wish that pain on my worst enemy which is Artie Jones Jr. himself. As evil & disgusting as he is. I also know what it’s like to hear I killed my

Post 7/23/2021

This was a post she liked that someone sent me since she’s blocked me on Facebook.. but clearly him & her both are extremely weak individuals & I hope her taking all my money dad left me & my children that we’ve been living off of for YEARSSSSSSS makes her feel powerful! I’ll do without until my last breath so that my children are taken care of.. I just hope she looks down and watch’s the blood drip off her hands everyday for the rest of her life!!! —— Facebook post today.. as I process and regroup… at this point all my medical will be halted & I hope she sleeps good at night with all the evil and havoc she’s caused, wrecked & watched be done…… #NarcMother my love never mattered & neither will my words but she will not play victim for losing her only child, at my death.. screw that!!! #FakeasDentures     She just thought she knew it all. As usual. She took all my money well pretty much.. 500.00 goes into my acct for me to survive; barely even covering insurance,

Amanda in Color Facebook.

Follow me on Facebook! : Click here :  I’ve posted some new blogs!   + & created a new YouTube channel! + +++ a BOOK IS IN THE WORKS!!!  “Never sit down and shut up!” She wants to call me “DeManda” because I’m so “demanding”, well.. (recording coming soon!) yes “monster” I am.. I am demanding freedom, from the mental & emotional abuse, the trauma, the absence of a mother who loved, the premature death of my dad and son due to YOUR denial &  negligence, the abuse you’ve allowed me to suffer while turning your head, the image of you sitting in the court room with my abuser, the theft & price changes, the lies.. +++ so much more to be revealed.. I am DEMANDA, demanding to be free of the razor wire you’ve wrapped around my neck! You are a sick individual.  Most children only fear make believe monsters, unfortunately mine was not just make believe, you are a real life monster! + you had the audacity to c

Karma ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿค” maybe??

( how fitting especially for the address part LOL!! ) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  So I got these from a source a while ago & yes, I blocked the address because I’m sure he will try to say “something” out his ass about me as usual..but at least it won’t be me posting his “gated community address”… but it’s public records….   .. anyway.. I couldn’t help but think…. I wonder if he will get off of this!?? Or what tactics he will use.. (I could say so much but I’m holding off.. trust me it’s coming tho! Oh the lies.. To be revealed… just waited for it all to come together.. ……But….. The state of Georgia versus him?? I can’t help but wonder how strong the political pull or “good old boy” system will be for him in this one?  …seems there has been a recent 6/2021 update which he entered a plea of not guilty. (Now for the record, being said here I don’t know if guilty or not guilty is accurate for this case; but seems a pattern that he is always “not guilty or responsible for any wrong doing in what

Checkmate.. ♟

  I needed this today & someone else out there does too! ✨ with all my intense therapy; I finally feel like I am taking some forward steps.. ๐Ÿ‘ฃ  I couldn’t for the life of me for all these years figure out how a mother could not love the child they carried and birthed, especially knowing how much I love mine.. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™ I often wondered why I was so hard to love that even my own mother doesn’t love or want me and it’s broke me down many times.. especially when she lies to others who come at me with how much she loves me; & mainly because of the world painted a mom as someone who loves you more than themselves & who will always be there, they are supposed to be your best friend, protect you and someone you can always count & rely on; but not every child has that mother; and I’ve slowly learned it’s not that she doesn’t want or love me, it’s that she can not program me to her needs any longer and manipulate me with her lies: I see through her now and all her lies and her bul

Dear Estranged Mother:

   Dear Estranged Mother: Grandmother: //Father/Parents/Grandparents// We need to talk — just not with you. Your estrangement from your adult kid is definitely your fault, and things can’t possibly improve until you take full responsibility and face some hard truths. Hard Truth: Children have no control over how they’re raised. There are echo chambers all over the internet ready to tell unique stories about addicted or mentally unhealthy kids, but that’s not really what’s going on with your kid, is it? There’s also the classic set of excuses that “it wasn’t really that bad” or “we were just strict,” shifting blame to the child for their own upbringing. That’s insane. It can be easy to convince a little kid (and yourself) that it’s their fault the relationship is a mess. What’s changed is their ability as adults to realize parents control the upbringing. Hard Truth: Your adult children have emotionally supportive relationships with others. You’re the odd one out. Your adult children are

He’s a damn liar & her too!

 Just more proof he had other motives for pulling up on my child & husband today! Here is a police report that from when I called in on him where the officer even asked him to step out because of “safety reasons” with his lights off in a dark location with a gun on his seat!! He claims he doesn’t go to her house without her there; YET he pulled his nasty ass right on in there today without here there while my child was there.. why?? So he could catch him out back kill him and then say oh he felt intimidated or threatened, like he told them before (I’ll post that report here too) ?? Oh and he told them he was there waiting on her from seagals when she clearly said Fulfords? They can’t even keep their lies together.. but just MORE proof that he was up to no good.. or else he would not have pulled in KNOWING THAT WAS MY CHILD THERE!!! You all can believe his lies and hers too if you want.. but I’m calling it as it is.. and here is the report to prove he’s a damn liar, just looking for

I’m the sick one??

“I refuse to stay silent anymore!!!!”  I am just sick to death with her and her and the snakes she slithers with! I just can’t believe God would give a child to someone so evil!! Then I sit and think of the mother’s that have killed their children and some days I wish she would have been one of them mothers just so I don’t have to live with her abuse!! I begged DFAS to take me when I was younger and she lied her way out of it to be able to keep me only to continue her evil ways and have her personal alibi so she could still, cheat and fraud any system she could, I covered so much because she programmed me and I knew she had a one up on the system after I called DFAS on her!! I wish so much she wasn’t so good at her lying/cheating/stealing game but she is and it’s cost the death of my dad, my son and she is working on the death of me.. my heart can’t take much more.. I seriously have prayed to just die and go to wherever I’m meant to be because it has to be better than the hell her and

I can’t. Yes I can. It’s who she is.

  Just when I think my “incubator” & St Mary’s councilman Artie Jones has no more up there sleeve!! Debbie Shedd “my egg donor incubator” HIRED my child to cut her grass; she KNEW he was coming, was even at the bank getting him money… low and behold Artie Jones PULLS IN BESIDE MY CHILD WHILE SHE IS NOT THERE and had just pulled in; WAS HE STALKING them?! I mean we have police reports!! Was this a set up?? I mean he’s threatened my children & family with BODY BAGS & GUNS?! Was his plan to use a GUN ON MY CHILD AND HUSBAND TO SAY HE FELT INTIMIDATED AFTER HE PULLED UP ON THEM??? & they would not longer be able to tell their side???? I immediately called the police & my husband and son are safe BUT WHO DOES THIS?!!!!!? She has lost her effing mind!!! I can’t right now I am so pissed!!!! What a disgusting set up to have my child & husband KILLED!!!!!  (Transcript from court of him abusing me and provoking me for the court to allow my “egg donor” to sit with him! He