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Great read! Unloved Daughters.

She has shown how cold she can be & I’ve used my heart so much all I have is the shattered pieces left…. Great read ( click the link here ) So I’ve noticed I have several unpublished blogs I am just going to post them with edits to be made later. But this needed to be published now. Some of my “sisters” need this as much as I did. Validation is key when you’re living a life of a narcissistic mother especially when your dad & child are dead as a result..  Sure, dad had a hand in his abuse but his sole caregiver didn’t get the help he needed and enabled him.. which led to a early death and unfortunately justice will probably never be served for that.. then falls the death of my son because I just wanted to be loved & be enough for her & sleeping on her living room floor while I was suppose to be in a bed with my feet propped up.. you see tho.. Sidney Blake didn’t & doesn’t mean anything to her.. it wasn’t her loss… I mean let’s be real… she still has 2 grandchildren (