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Another failed attempt.

  Another failed attempt by my “incubator” to defend his abuse. When does it end? At my death perhaps? Just like my dads death? It’s a good thing I’ve not sat silenced like I’ve been begged to do while she goes out gracefully.. I’ve sat silently at her demand before and it cost me my dad & child & ultimately my health & pending death because my body is broken over the pain, hurt & abuse.. I’ve been poisoned by her & him BOTH.. but to hear her even remotely try to justify his sickening behavior & throw God in there is just disgusting.  My assumption is she will soon block me again but for now.. here is more of her failed attempts.. to gaslight me with her narcissistic behavior that I’m the one who is wrong here.  -yes “mommy dearest” we know…  you just walked up there to support all the evil he’s done to me & the boys, & the judge didn’t say can her husband sit with her.. I was INSTRUCTED to ask because of the ABUSE I HAD ALREADY ENDURED.. he asked becaus

Raw. Real. Tired.

“Real, raw & tired”  FB post 2/2022 ———  Triggers. Real life. Dark days. #mentalhealthmatters #youareenough #youarenotalone #depressionawareness #PTSD #YOUMATTER This will NOT be a popular post!  Writing is therapy for me!  My story will be someone else’s survival guide!!!  I just want to thank those that have reached out, been here for me, loved me and reminded me I am worth the air I breath. I really had some soul searching moments, learned who I can count on and who will FaceTime me just to listen to me when I’m at my lowest and TRUST ME, I have been in some pretty dark days.. if I’m being honest darker days than I’ve had in a while.. and unfortunately they are not over yet, I am still pulling myself out, but I am trying hard and working on healing and I will be sharing more when I’m able.. mental health is not something to be ashamed of and I will not sit in the place I’ve been for anyone to be comfortable with the hurt, abuse and damage that had contributed to my depression an

Valentine’s Day.

  Today sucks. Just like every other milestone & holiday. We all woke up today knowing a huge piece of our heart is gone. Snatched. Taken away. Dead. These words echo in my broken heart.. So cold. Just like she is.. cold. Calloused. Selfish. Disgusting. Today dad would have given me flowers… I would have taken pictures & posted them.. instead this is the last picture I have of him… And the truth is no one is even grieving Dad or SidneyBlakes death like me & my boys. He wasn’t anyone else’s dad.. clearly by the above message she doesn’t care that they are dead and gone.. she got her money & house.. she is living her life like neither of them mattered.. heck me nor my kids matter to her either… clearly her actions show that…  She doesn’t care that she’s hurt my children. Sad that she tells me to never call her again but she allowed that evil piece of crap to do & say all he has and she runs to him every chance she gets.. but she equally trash talks him too. He just do

Councilman Artie Jones Jr.

This bully has the nice title of a public elected official; a City of St. Mary’s Georgia, Councilman; who’s term is almost over; the question remains, will he seek re-election this year, 2022?  And if he does….  Is this someone you want in the public spotlight representing your town? Is this someone you trust to advocate for you? For me personally I would NOT want someone like this in a public seat to represent me or my best interest. Especially, Anyone who can be so vile ESPECIALLY to a mother who has suffered the death of their child… & he better hope karma doesn’t deal the same gut wrenching, heart shattering, earth wrecking events to one of his children or grandchildren!  Bully isn’t even strong enough words to describe this disgusting snake.. I will not even call a person of this nature a human.. 🐍 even a snake doesn’t seem fitting, other than having a fork tongue.. this is pure scum under the trash… even below maggots… —- Anyway. A quick search shows this as a city councilma