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 Hey there SCUM OF THE EARTH… you are indeed a HYPOCRITE..  Someone send me this today and I gagged…  As he “breaks down” & destroys a mother who lost her child.. let me add here….. one of the most painful losses there is..nothing can compare to the loss of your child.. there is actually no words to describe the loss of a child because it’s one of the most traumatic life experiences that a mother never heals from & often die from heartbreak from the loss of her very own precious child.. trust me I KNOW that raw pain of just wanting to die because it hurts so bad…. & now he wants to “be kinder” & “look out for others & not break them down”. BULL💩!!!!! Take your mask off a lot of people already knows who you are!! Just because my “mother” stood beside some of your dirty work & sat with you in court doesn’t mean others don’t know the TRUTH & what a pile of 💩 you really are!!  He is such disgusting scum, I can’t even call him a human.. anyone who can tell a mo